I'm glad Ichigo is currently stuck in the garganta, regardless of the fact that he's the main character and that he has to interfere with the Quincy invasion of Soul Society sooner or later. I say make it later! And this is why.

Soul Society has not faced a serious threat, Ichigo's invation to rescue Rukia was a joke. Ichigo and company would have been squashed by the power of the Gotei 13 if it wasn't for Aizen's revelation of his villainy. However, at least it created a commotion serious enough to motivate five out of the thirteen captains to release their bankai, ie. Byakuga, Dog-Guy, Toshiro, Tousen, and the mad scientist guy.

Aizen's war on Soul Society was, at least, much more serious. Though his Espada aka Vaste Lords made Arrancar was another joke. I'm assuming Ulq, Halibel, Barrangar, Starrk, and Yammy were Vaste Lords, and yet they were all defeated rather easily, excluding Ulq, it took serious power to take him down. Which is why I theorize Ulq2 is the only Vaste Lord Arrancar who truly ativated his true power through the Second Release, which i believe essentially represents the activation of Bankai for Shinigami. The Vaste Lord, which already has more power than a Captain as a hollow, gains even more power through becoming an Arrancar, and by default, becomes more like a Shingami. Like the gaining of a Zankeputo, for example. But what else to Shinigami have access to? They have two releases, their initial release known as Shikai, which would represent Ulq's first release, as well as the releases of all other Arrancar we have seen. But what is their "bankai" release? I believe all Arraqncar, who become skillful enough, as is the case with shinigami, can eventually releast their second release and TRUE power. A power which would eradicate a shinigami, since after all, a Vaste Lord who has gained Shinigami power by becoming an Arrancar should have superior power. And we didn't see that from, Halibel, Barrangan, or Starrk. But I have digressed.

At we saw the bankai of Soifon and gin but no one else!

This Quincy and final arc is the perfect opportunity, and the Quincy is a beautiful choice as an opponent. They're the true opposite of the Shinigami, one is alive and human, one is dead and spirit. Even hollows are more alike to shinigami than Quincy, which is why the barrier separating Shinigami and Hollow powers is breakable. The quincy have gained the power to defeat hollows, it only makes sense that, by default, they too gained the power to defeat shinigami. And just like there are fodder hollows and elite hollows(Vaste Lords), fodder shinigami, and elite shinigami(Captains), it only makes sense that there are fodder Quincy, and elite Quincy that can be a dangerous threat to both Vaste Lords, and Captains. Another evidence that Quincy were a serious threat to Shinigasmi is that it's been revealed that there has been multiple wars between the quincy and Shinigami before the final genocide.

What I want fro the Quincy invasion is carnage to Soul Society! Not total domination, but for it to be established that the Quincy are a real threat. I loved the abilities that the Quincy possess! I loved how Byakuga was owned! And this is why.. Though as cool and talented as he is, he's only been a captain for less than a 100 years. Which is why Kenpachi needs to be owned as well. It's time for all the baby captains like Toshiro, Byakuga, Kenpachi, Mad-Scientist-Guy, Soi-Fon, etc need to be defeated! So that the original and elder Captains like Old-Man Commando, Shisui, Uti, and Unohana can stand up and show why the Gotei 13 is not to be underestimated! I want this to be a fierce, bloody, and personal war, that is prolonged before an outsider like Ichigo & company step in and mess up all the fun lol. I want unknown Bankai's revealed!!!! And, also, so that the Quincy threat become serious enough that, the ROYAL GUARD gets involved!!! And that will never happen until the Quincy keep owning the Gotei 13 how they are.