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Thread: whats a kendo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasori View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's an old wooden ship from the Civil War era.
    lol I believe its German for a Whale's Vagina. Lets agree to disagree though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    lol I believe its German for a Whale's Vagina. Lets agree to disagree though
    When in Rome.

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    Never hurt my feet but it was murder on the calves.

    It is derived from Kenjutsu which is the actual practical killing art of the sword, Kendo is really a sport "played" with a cluster of bamboo lathes bound so they make a loud noise on contact and you get points for hitting "Men" = head, "Do" = Torso (Specifically right side of torso, as the only proper Do strike is done cutting left-to-right IIRC), "Kote" = Wrist (Left wrist) and "Skee" = Throat. The bamboo sword is a Shinai, there is also the Bokken which is a wooden sword fairly accurately copying a katana in size, shape etc. which is used for kata, that is a regulated set of moves you follow through without error from start to finish, kind of like a guitarist practising scales, it is not used in spars because it's essentially a club and someone could die.

    You also get Iaido and Tameshigiri which are practiced with real swords, Iaido is the art of drawing and cutting in one smooth motion and Tameshigiri is cutting targets.

    But yeah... What do I do with this thread? Hmm... Boredom Zone I reckon.

    EDIT: Nah, it's a thread which has had the question answered, on second thoughts Graveyard bound.

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