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I see, in war people die senseless deaths (Unlike certain other war with ninjas in them...), Except for Orihime of course, That would be Hating
It would have been pointless since:
a) she would die and went to SS and currently Quincy only slay Shinigami,
b) she would die and Urahara would create her a gigai and one that can bear babies (if Ishin's gigai made by Urahara (?) could procreate, then hers can as well),
b+) knowing that she can swap gigais like socks in case she got infected, she will go on a rampage an do all the guys she likes without worrying ;P (this one is for the hatters, since this would remap her personality, a little ),
c) one of the quincy would fuse with her, but she would take over him and with her new power upped miraculous powers, she would return everything to normal ,
d) her soul is obliterate into a billion pieces and she is finally put to rest, but somehow goes to HM, eats other demons and comeback as semi-arrance and semi-hollow at the end of this arc .