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    Naruto 594 Discussion / 595 Predictions

    Chapter 594: "The Progenitor" :


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    ...Tobi just said that Gai has seen his face...but forgot, of course... and he knows a lot about Kakashi... man this is master trolling indeed :p.

    So, basically 10-tails true form is:

    Nice chapter, the switching is more evident in Naruto's case, since Bee wears sunglasses.

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    This confirms Tobi being Obito imo!!!

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    "You don't remember faces,so what's the point in telling you?" - That one cracked me up !
    Good chapter,but at this point I expect more action than talking.

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    OMG tobi speaks as if he knows kakashi and gai personally, knowing their personality quirks.

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    where there is food
    He just talks to Gai and Kakashi with knowledge he gained from the other Akatsuki members about them (mostly Kisame), I wouldn't put all my cards on him know them personally just yet.
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    Tobi knows Gai and Kakashi personally. Those Narutards who still think Obito and Tobi are one in the same, looks like there's still hope.

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    "Gokage", god. The "five Kage" too mainstream now?

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    Aww man, i really liked paulbee's thoughts from the previous chapter discussion where he explains the statue, being of the outer realm, was a tool used to subdue the 10 tails. After all, it appears as if made of wood and we know hashirama and yamato use mokuton jutsu to subdue 9 tails chakra.

    Well it looks like kishi played somewhere in the middle, making it the a body for the 10 tails but not under the conditions we all thought before. IM groaning at the word, "vessel" here for the chances it might not be the most accurate translation if what kakashi deduced. If the word were say, to be, "cage" then it satisfies both theories quite well.

    IM stuck, though, on what is implied by tobi pointing out the specific but well known character flaws of kakashi and gai. Ya, on one hand it suggests he may be someone they know (especially the deeper claim of kakashi's regret) from some point in the past but it might just be tauntful answers by what is observable of both of them. If zetsu has seen their fights with akatsuki then tobi could certainly make a character judgement whether he has origins in Jonah's or not.

    Ok, personal geek out time. Kakashi wants to try something! His hand is up in signature raikiri fashion, you know what?! He knows he can strike tobi with a physical blow! Reviving the ten tails just might cost him the ability to phase momentarily! He did not use his eye on naruto! He batted him away! Ya, was to change his direction away from maizo but kakashi most definitely is up to something THAT WILL WORK!!
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    Hey everybody, lets bring the Tobi=Obito theories back. He seems to know both Gai and Kakashi. Obito is mad at the leaf and Uchiha because no one came to get him out of that cave.

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