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well naruto have counters for pretty much all of the rinnegans abilities, so i wouldnt say that its of any real use for tobi, so i would say that tobi's phasing is his most powerful weapon, unless ofc they dumb naruto down like they did in the nagato vs itachi and naruto fight. after naruto getting full control over kurama its like he has completely neglected his normal sage mode, and i think sage mode his going to be really good in this fight, as it would, in theory atleast, be able to sense when tobi is actually not phasing(providing tobi's hatred is emitting all the time), ofc a sage mode/bijuu mode combo would make this whole fight rather trivial for naruto and i can totally see kurama taking over ma and pa toad's role in a version of sage mode like the 1 jiraiya was using, while having access to kurama's chakra, damn i hope it happens as the idea of it is truly staggering.
That's been the most anticipated power-up for Naruto ever since he discovered Chakra Mode. I hope it happens in this fight! Sage Mode is what made Naruto Kage Level in his own right, without the Kyuubi's help... combining the two would be the most "worthy" form for Naruto.

Currently, it's kindof annoying/clunky that Naruto has to choose between modes, each of which gives him unique benefits that are still somewhat similar at their core (extra reach, sensory powers, more chakra, more strength/speed/durability)... Sage Mode has become something that Naruto only uses with his Kagebunshins, and is treated practically like a Summoning Jutsu.

Not only that, Naruto was working on improving his ability to enter Sage Mode and extend its duration prior to his Chakra Mode power-up, and ever since then it's been forgotten except for in a few clutch situations. Considering Naruto is the only "Perfect" Sage in the series, it makes no sense that he's worse at actually *utilizing* the mode than Jiraiya, Kabuto, or Orochimaru... each of them is superior to Naruto in some way when it comes to utilizing Sage Mode.