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Thread: Who is smarter?

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    shikamaru is all brains, little brawn

    Know his name: Jiraiya Sama of the legendary Sannin
    May he rest in peace and he will be sorely missed, the strongest out of all the three

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    shikamaru is smarter, the first to become chunin amongst the rookie nine

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    here you go,the pic speaks for itself
    under any circumstances,sasuke cannot do the same.
    but if you think about it, shika discovering that the circle was the essential part of hidan's, ability isn't really that big of a deal. i think the reason why it seems like that is because of how it was presented to us. i'm sure that if sasuke was in the same situation he would have also realized it as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by spitfire View Post
    shikamaru is smarter, the first to become chunin amongst the rookie nine
    true shika was the first to officially become a chuunin but sasuke was also considered a chuunin at the time of konoha invasion.



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    i out say shikamaru for sure. use the example in the shikamaru vs hidan. it took him like 10 seconds to find out how everything worked or a probably theory without consequences if he was wrong. Sasuke on the other hand, was doing trial and error with the bombs(lol) to see if it would work knowing that he could over power the bombs.

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    lol he was serious?


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    Shikamaru can think 200 possible scenarios in advanced before even getting to a battle field.

    He was able to think up strategies on the fly in battle just like Sasuke does although Shikamaru can come up with the correct strategy with the best possible answer for the least amount of work than Sasuke can. Sasuke relies on trial and error while Shikamaru runs a simulation in his head and already knows the results from 200 possible actions. He also has superior leadership skills and can incorporate each team member no matter who they are into a team that best fits their specific skills and personalities ie. rescue Sasuke arc, Hidan arc. And he does all of this in an instant while holding down an Akatsuki level fighter with his jutsu, hes really amazing if you think about it. I honestly like Shikamaru the best out of everyone in the series because to me he is one of the few true ninja's of the series, able to do what needs to be done to accomplish the mission with the least amount of risk of loss. Sasuke is smart ill give him that but honestly he relies too much on his ability to deal with the outcome of a situation AFTER is has failed to happen like what he thought, he relies on trial and error too much too, in a life and death battle Sasuke would get someone killed very easily, hes actually a little like Naruto lol.

    I didn't even think it was a contest to see who was smarter than who, Shikamaru is honestly in a who different league than most people in the village, more than Kakashi I think too although Kakashi is very experienced and thats why he can always win in most situations, but Shikamaru has not nearly as much experience yet he is on par with and probably higher than Kakashi in strategic and analytical thinking and I think this says a lot for him.

    With more experience out in the field fighting all kinds of different enemies from different villages Shikamaru would be unstopable for real, He should really be Hokage if you think about it, or at least the top advisor to one.
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