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Thread: Who is smarter?

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    They have different strategies, Sasuke can think on the fly, and takes risks while Shikamaru is more accurate as he plans things out with a little time to think things through. Because of this, unknown unknowns can put a wrench on Shikamaru's plan but he can manage, while Sasuke would be able to roll with the punches. But if that risk Sasuke took when he fought Deidara when talking about the earth mines failed, well I would've still been laughing up till now when I think about Sasuke down planting on the mine with his sword and exploding.

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    shikamaru is way smarter. sasuke only wins cuz he has auto-aim

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    Shikamaru is smarter in every aspect just really lazy and doesn't have the level of chakra as Naruto or Bloodline like Sasuke.

    His greatest weapon is his brain.

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    Shikamaru is smarter. Duh!
    Shikamaru know how to clam down and think everything through, while Sasuke is always in a rush, "Got to kill Itachi" is his moto.

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    ya if u could give shika the kyubbi chakra with a sharingan he would be unfairly good, *sigh* but one can only dream i suppose

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    I vote for Shikamaru of course!!!

    So If sasuke fought Shikamaru does that mean Sasuke would lose? So the thing about "The one with the sharingan is undefeatable" makes no sense, first Itachi runs like a little girl from Jiraya and Sasuke would probably lose because it`s said Shikamaru has over 200 IQ ? well..? And Shikamru made an Akatsuki dig his own grave! and all he had was his little brain, no sharingan - no biju and stuff.. He has to be like really powerful then!

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    shikamaru is the genuis prodigy of konoha...i would say the smartest shinobi ever produced by the leaf
    an IQ of 200 is something that was reached twice or three times in history
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    I believe that Shikamaru is smarter than Sasuke because while Sasuke has been getting smarter, you don't think that Shikamaru just slacked off ?no, i belive Shikamaru is still smarter.

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    Shikamaru is smarter for sure. Sasuke just has better techniques to work with.

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    Shikamaru is a genius, he is way smarter then Sasuke.

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