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    Quote Originally Posted by anarchris View Post
    by the way: we can call kakashi's mangekyou sharingan a mangekyou sharingan for the plain and obvious reason that kakashi said "MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN"....
    That Kakashi thinks it's Mangekyou Sharingan doesn't mean it really is.

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    i just reading it again when deidara vs sasuke chapter, when sasuke manipulate the shape of his chidori, deidara said that kakashi has throw raikiri to him before, i didnt remember this ever happen, or deidara wrong mistaken the kakashi's mangekyou to just throwing raikiri or all of us mistaken to identify raikiri throwing with MS? if its true that kakashi use MS on deidara what kind of MS jutsu is it??? Amaterasu?? or something we dont know?

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    i think we can take kakashi's new sharingan as ms......
    i mean what do we know abt ms.......only that its pattern is different then the pattern of the normal sharingan, that it can have different patterns (madara n his bro).....
    as for its abilities......we only know of tsukuyomi n amaterasu from itachi's...
    but at no point did he say that these were the only jutsu's possible....
    the 3 great techniques which ppl associate with ms (tsukuyomi, amaterasu, susanoo) is just speculation.....its not confirmed....
    for all we know different ms could have different abilities........
    n since we know the different version of sharingan is ms(blindin effect) n ems
    so with the already known info.........that kakashi has a different pattern
    i'd say its either a ms or ems.......but i'll choose ms.......
    kakashi obtaini ems would be odd.......i mean he doesn't have any brother, but that in no way says for certainty that kakashi couldn't have obtained ems as we have already seen kakashi get a suppoesedly ms without killin his best frnd........
    but kakashi obtainin ems would be a far fetch as per the plot.....
    so i'd say his is a ms...........

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    its mangeykyou sharingan alright, i'm guessing just as the eyes of those with mangeykyou sharingan are different, so also are the jutsu's that each of those eyes can perform

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