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    Can someone Tell me

    Which Arc Each Episode starts on cuase i downloaded 125 i get get Luffy Vs Croc So can u tell me which Episodes each Arc starts on

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    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    Morgan Episode 1
    Buggy Episode 4
    Kuro Episode 9
    Baratie Episode 19
    Arlong Episode 31
    Loguetown Episode 48
    Battleship Island (Filler) Episode 54

    Baroque Works Saga
    Laboon Episode 62
    Whiskey Peak Episode 64
    Koby/Helmeppo Episode 68
    Little Garden Episode 70
    Drum Island Episode 78
    Alabasta Episode 92
    Post-Alabasta (Filler) Episode 131
    Goat Island (Filler) Episode 136
    Rainbow Mist (Filler) Episode 139

    Skypiea Saga
    Jaya Episode 144
    Skypiea Episode 153
    G8 (Filler) Episode 196

    CP9 Saga
    Davy Back Fight Episode 207
    Ocean's Dream (Filler) Episode 220
    Water 7 Episode 227
    Enies Lobby Episode 264
    Post-Enies Lobby Episode 313

    Florian Triangle Saga
    Ice Hunter (Filler) Episode 326
    Thriller Bark Episode 337
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