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  • Jinbe

    4 21.05%
  • Trafalgar Law

    0 0%
  • Caesar Clown

    1 5.26%
  • Kinemon (The Samurai)

    6 31.58%
  • Caribou

    0 0%
  • Other, namely...

    8 42.11%
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    Brooke is the 8th according to the title of the last chapter.

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    Luffy doesn't count, that's why Brooke is number 8. Luffy's the captain, and he said he wanted around 10 nakama, so there will be about 3 more.

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    mr. 2 is also a cool guy.. but i wanna see new characters w/ super abilities that fits to the crew..


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    Luffy said he wanted 10 before he entered the the Grand Line, So they could still get more members since he is already in the Grand Line. He never said a thing about only having just 10 people. Now with a bigger ship he would be inviting more and more people.

    If Whitebeard does nothing to save Ace and Luffy does, he could feel betrayed and join the Stawhats. As for Ace tattoo he could do what Nami did

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eep View Post
    ...franky was the 8th

    1: luffy
    2: zoro
    3: nami
    4: usopp
    5: sanji
    6: chopper
    7: robin
    8: franky
    9: still up to debate...brooke flashbacks tend to lead us to believe hell be #9...i dont think he will though for some reason.
    No.We're not talking about the amount of total member including Luffy in the Mugiwara crew,we're talking about Luffy's crewmate that he gathered & will gather later on.So don't include Luffy.

    As a proof,the latest chapter title is "The 8th person" which refers to Brook,the 8th member that Luffy got to join in his pirate crew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrossXS View Post
    MR. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One can only hope...=D
    The conversations between Mr. 2 and Franky would be weird...

    Mr2: hi!
    Franky: hi!
    Mr2 & Franky: you sound just like i do!


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    196's a good'll be great if mr. 2 join..

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    itd be great if a merman joined... wenever luffy or chopper fall into the sea the merman can get them without even breakin a sweat hehe... but eh who knows watll happen...

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    I hope Mr.2 doesn't join the crew that would ruin it for me and someone said that Ace might join if Whitebeard doesn't help him, I don't want that to happen either. I like Ace as a friendly enemy.

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    I think new characters would be the next who will join the crew. Oda really has lots of surprises.


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