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  • Jinbe

    4 21.05%
  • Trafalgar Law

    0 0%
  • Caesar Clown

    1 5.26%
  • Kinemon (The Samurai)

    6 31.58%
  • Caribou

    0 0%
  • Other, namely...

    8 42.11%
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingkye26 View Post
    dude why.......why are u doing this. its obvious that u know what i mean, why u being difficult. ur arguing with me over semantics right now and just to let u know im not gonna be the bigger man here, im too immature.

    oh and i hope echotraveler is right and they get freed when she dies cuz it could be like moria and she has to do it cuz moria's power over shadows continues even if he dies (only reason they were freed is cuz he put himself in a situation where even he couldnt control them)
    oh ! we'll see who is more immature!

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    Quote Originally Posted by echotraveler View Post
    come on! if moria died, the shadows would have to go back to their masters no matter what...they exist even if moria is dead...shadows could make zombies because there is no death in shadows, only the original owners death would kill the shadow.

    its like a spell, i would think, the devil fruit gives you the power of an element in the one piece world, bue when that one persons dies, thats the last youll see of that special power. There are no sings of the opposite.
    moria himself stated that unless he willed it shadows that were in his zombies would not go back to their masters even if he wuz knocked unconscious or died. this has not been proven false since shadow asgard made him lose control of the shadows (at that point they had no choice but to go back to their owners) before falling unconscious

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    i would absolutely LOVE for that to happen,, i don't see that happening...

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    How about this for a new crew member: A Chick who was originally a guy (obviously from a Devil Fruit, but can't switch back).
    I can imagine the look on Sanji's face if he hears about this one. Heeheehee. ^_^

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    perona/ace/hancock most definitely

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    Quote Originally Posted by sungwoo325 View Post
    perona/ace/hancock most definitely
    DANG, i was gonna post that right now!!!!, EVIIIIIIL!!! stop reading my mind!!! NOESSSSSS!!!!!!!

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    If hancock joins the crew it going to be bad news for chopper. "who put this deer in my path!" not to mention her big snake trying to eat him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    Straw Hats are indeed a unique crew. I though that girl from Moria's crew as going to join them as well (name's Perona or something like that, I think).

    About having a fishman, well it would be another weird one, but I don't see a fishman living (outside) the water all day with the crew (maybe he would just swim along or sth...).
    don't u remember SW ships has an aquarium so there would be no problem for fishman

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    i think that Hashi the fishman theory is the best

    1. usopp had a scene were he would almost drown in the aquarium trying to get some fish.
    2. Hashin has been in the story before.
    3. He has shown great nakama aptitudes.
    4. He cooks

    thats about enough for luffy....

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    Don't know if this has been said what about BonBon, Aka Okama, Aka Mr 2.. Coz he/she is in Impel Down. Luffy could save him/her. Would be funny to have an Okama in their group.

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