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  • Jinbe

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  • Trafalgar Law

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  • Caesar Clown

    1 5.26%
  • Kinemon (The Samurai)

    6 31.58%
  • Caribou

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  • Other, namely...

    8 42.11%
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    I hope they will get an old man as their crew..
    so luffy's crew have a friend called granpa or grandma..

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    Mister Plan B™ vjiuvoc's Avatar
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    oh, i wish they'll have a scientist. or i don't know. someone strong i guess.

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    I thought of scientist too. They don't really have someone to take advantage of the pseudoscience so prevalent in the One Piece universe... Usopp just doesn't cut it anymore

    Jewelry Bonney might join. She is a glutton and with a body like that, i believe that Sanji would take my side. Although Luffy wouldn't... He probably wants a mermaid, because they are different. And so Caimie joins. She can swim fast, which is extremely useful for the 4 Devil Fruit users currently on the ship.

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    The Wise One shadowfox87's Avatar
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    It's going to be a female, and yes I'm hoping for scientist as well because Usopp is more of an inventor and his real title is marksman. Franky is the shipwright, so really no scientist here. It's hard to think of more positions.
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    They probably need a REAL spy instead of Sanji eventually...

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    The StrawHats need a accountant. count their treasures..haha


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    Mister Plan B™ vjiuvoc's Avatar
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    i like the idea that a mermaid joins them so that zoro and sanji will no longer have a hard time saving the 4 devil fruit users. Caimie surely will get her hands full. ^_^

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    Senior Member stevensr123's Avatar
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    I like the idea of a merman.

    Just think about it, chopper won’t be the only extra food supply.

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    what about if they will get a mermaid with legs like obasan in water seven?
    atm i dont remeber the age where maid get her tail splitted in 2 legs, but if i am right i think is 30 years old...and in mugiwara we have nami that is ~20, robin 28 and now maybe we could have a mermaid with 30+ years old...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjiuvoc View Post
    oh, i wish they'll have a scientist. or i don't know. someone strong i guess.
    We need a crazy scientist someone like mayuri from bleach. Has to be female aswell

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