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  • Jinbe

    4 21.05%
  • Trafalgar Law

    0 0%
  • Caesar Clown

    1 5.26%
  • Kinemon (The Samurai)

    6 31.58%
  • Caribou

    0 0%
  • Other, namely...

    8 42.11%
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    Hmm maybe I should try and update the poll, hoping everyone can vote again. Anyone got good suggestions for possible new crew members? Kinemon, Momonosuke and Rebecca? Caribou and Law are no options imo.

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    ^Hmm... well if you want all possibilities you could put up Bartolomeo and Violet as choices along with the 3 you mentioned
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phixion View Post
    Hmm maybe I should try and update the poll, hoping everyone can vote again. Anyone got good suggestions for possible new crew members? Kinemon, Momonosuke and Rebecca? Caribou and Law are no options imo.
    Another couple suggestions, though I doubt the first would actually join, are Thundering Toy Soldier and Bellamy. Rebecca and Bellamy present the best chance for joining this arc in my opinion, as they seemingly have no future beyond this arc.

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    All of the straw hat crew thus far have joined with a goal or dream they wish to accomplish.

    Rebecca and her father will retake their kingdom.
    Bellemy is a bad guy. Luffy does not like him.
    Caribou? I really hope none of you are serious.
    Law has his own agenda and is currently an ally. He would not let himself be told what to do by Luffy.
    Kinemon has something to take care of in the current location of the heroes. He will finish with the crew and maybe join them further to go back to his home town. IMO there are too many swordsmen with him aboard.
    Momonosuke is too young and has shown interest in becoming a shogun in his country.
    Sabo would be a good candidate. It all depends on whether or not he has his own crew. I know he is in the resistance and that we need more info on this guy!
    Jinbe does not fit the mold of the SH crew at all. He has too much going on with fishman island at the moment. His dream might be to bring peace between humans and fishmen. I dont think this will happen if he fights along with Luffy. I know he said he would join the crew, but that he had some stuff to do first.
    Kyros is a possibility. I could see the colosseum being destroyed once power is restored to King Riku and Kyros would no longer need to stay in Dressrosa. However, he might be first in line to command the real Royal Army once power is restored. Of course, this depends on who is still alive once all the toys are turned back and everyone regains their memories.
    Perona would be an odd choice but I could see her fitting into the crew to be a female version of Usopp. She trained with Zoro for 2 years with Mihawk. My concern is that she has no know dreams or ambitions.

    IMO the SH crew needs another girl. The guys are always fighting between themselves and are chasing the two girls. So why not thrown Perona into the mix? She could be the scaredy-cat girl that parallels, yet stays very competitive with Usopp. She could also be the one that gives into the attention of the men, causing Nami and Robin to become jealous and competitive amongst themselves.

    IMO the SH crew needs another non-human. I don't think Jinbe is the right fit. I don't think Hachi is right either. He seems to be happy with what he is doing, and another swordsman or cook would be too much. A giant or dwarf would be a good fit. Wicca could fill a female, non-human, scouting role. Just saying.

    This is a side topic but Luffy also needs another Ally to parallel the other three super rookies.
    1. Law is a confirmed ally.
    Jinbe might put together another strong crew and become and ally.
    Sabo could have his own crew, or leave the resistance. You know he would love to fight along side Luffy.
    Buggy might have become a Royal Shichibukai, but he is indebted to Luffy and the right turn of events could make him an ally.
    Crocodile is out and about and he still has his No.1 running around with him. He's still gunning to make a name for himself.
    Ivankov hasn't done anything recently. The Okama group is always good for a comedic Ally.
    Aokiji is also floating around. What is he doing? No one knows!

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    I think the next should be violet. She could be the lookout for the ship. Everyone else has a job on the ship. That's how we should be looking at who would become the next member. The jobs that are needed on the ship.

    luffy = captain
    zoro = first mate (unofficially)
    nami = navigator
    usopp = sniper
    sanji = cook
    chopper = doctor
    robin = (captains adviser) unofficially - archaeologist, assassin
    franky = shipwright
    brook = musician

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