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  • Jinbe

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  • Trafalgar Law

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  • Caesar Clown

    1 5.26%
  • Kinemon (The Samurai)

    6 31.58%
  • Caribou

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  • Other, namely...

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    they have thier own crews and if they join with SH , it means ally but not member.

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    Wouldn't it be funny if enel returned , was really sorry and asked if he could join the sh crew. Luffy would af course say no , but then something will happen like enel will save luffys life and luffy will start to like him and ask him to join, everybody else would of course be unhappy with this but they will eventually start to like him just what heppened with robin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soifongx View Post
    Does anyone think that female captain "big eater" will join the strawhats. hey, maybe an ex-marine like drake. just a thought. what you guys think.
    You mean Bonney? So far, she seems to be the most likely candidate.

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    I doubt anybody's gonna' join their crew anymore--especially Bonney.

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    But Bonney would be PERFECT for Sanji...

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    I think that it will be someone at fish island or after that but I don't think it will be another captain of an active crew
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    I think probably they don't want the helmsman because Sunny Go have capabilities to avoid danger situation. We don't know actually what position left as Luffy's wanted after Brooke (Musician). Maybe 1 of the rookie pirate will join SH or SH found cabin boy who can fight.
    Just wondering...

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    A logia devil fruit, like the power to turn his self into an element of nature!! like tree!?
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    Logia devil which the power of wind.


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    @popoy: that would be Dragon, not a chance.

    Maybe Rayleigh wants to join? (Is he a fruit user?)
    If it's not him, I hope it's not a fruit user.

    What do you think SH pirates lacking?
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