I Actually made this i must be out of my mind but who says that the Boredom Zone cant use 2 RP Threads =P

Ok Heres the Rules and Stuff

If you want to use a Custom Character You must have this Info

Anime From:Rurouni Kenshin
Picture or Looks like:
History:Long Ago His Village was attacked and a huge battle took place He never fought but hate fighting and when he saw all this he did nothing but hide at the end of the battle he was the only person to live during the war.This effected him alot and it made him want to protect others.Soon later he was taught by a master swordsman and was very skilled in the way of the swordsman.After finshing his training he heard of a swoardsman that kills anyone in his way thus after training he set out to destory him he will fihgt anyone who gets in his way
Present:For now Chris still wonders the land searching for the swordsman he passes by many towns and ask people if they know him sadly no answer came from them but he doesnt give him
Personally:He is still kind to others but when people threaten him or anyone he will become brutal and kill them without mercy
Other(Basically anything Else we need to know):None

Like i said you may have a custom character or u can choose a character from a series pretty cool huh!am i missing something....oh yea story line hmm this might be hard

uh.....uhh.......uhhhhhh.......How bout we just on with it and make up a story line on the way lol