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    a picture i found they say its shisui uchiha

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    As far as I thought there was no pic of Shisui, unless there was something put into the databooks?
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    no i just found it on wikipedia

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    there was no picuture of shisui, thats a fan pic and wikipedia is not a great site for legit is great for alot of information, but users can upload what they want without verifying anything

    me, as well as others who have great memory and have read the manga twice through so far can tell you there is no picture of shisui in it anywhere, and if there was a picture of shisui we were not aware of it (such as seeing him in a crowd, or someone else turns out to be shisui)

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    I also wondered if Shisui was in on the whole thing. Like Madara took two apprentices only to keep the better of the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    I also wondered if Shisui was in on the whole thing. Like Madara took two apprentices only to keep the better of the two.
    This was somewhat similar to what I said in another thread. What if they were trying to awaken their mangekyou under Madara's tutelage, but Itachi actually went too far and killed Shuishui. This may of led Itachi to believe it wasn't the training that led getting to the mangekyou but killing his best friend, who Itachi looked at as a brother (maybe even more than Sasuke)

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    i think itachi killed shuishi all by himself......
    i think itachi was already in the anbu or the anbu captain (don't know which one is it)
    so he was obviously strong......
    this is what i think happened.......
    it was said that after itachi joined anbu he started actin strangely n shuishi was told to keep an eye on him.....
    maybe itachi met madara when he was in anbu......madara told him the dark secret of the uchiha clan n how he (madara) had gotten his ms.......
    itachi havin all these confusing emotions inside himself, which the clan took as him actin strangely, not wantin to kill but tempted by power he lay all whirled up inside..
    itachi one day found out about shuishi keepin an eye on him for the clan.....feelin angry n betrayed (n with all the confused emotions inside himself) he fought shuishi resultin in his death (though unintentional)....n thus obtainin ms......

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