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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayzr View Post
    Ebisu,Kakashi,Naruto,Jaraiya,Itachi and the third.
    ebisu doesn't use KBNJ in the manga. also you need to include orochimaru in this list.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FinalDestiny View Post
    dispite the fact that every1 seems to b able to use kage bunshin: naruto, kakashi, some of the hokage's, konohamaru (in combination with his ecchi techniques), jiraiya (for training) and whoever else i missed (if i did miss ny), i find it suprising so many know it bcuz on the first few chapters when naruto learned kage bunshin from that scroll, it seemed like the end of the wrld if he kept learning shadow techniques like kage bunshin...xD but now every1 can, so how bad could it b? and, also, will naruto sumhow learn those techniques he never got to in that scroll one day?
    Its such a big achievement because until then Naruto couldn't create ordinary clones let alone solid flesh shadow clones. Two thing you have to remember is that although there are several KB users look at who they are and think of their ability. And remember that none of these guys can use shadow clones over a long period of time or replicate anywhere near the numbers that Naruto can.
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    i think the idea of that it is in the forbidden scroll is that it is an original konoha technique that shouldnt be spread on different villages... dont u realize that all users of kage bunshin are from konoha? i think it is kinda forbidden coz it uses chakra rather than other things. for example, water clone needs water, the earth clone (not sure of the name) uses the soil, which maybe in their village also written in their own secret scroll.

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