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I agree with you.... I myself was some what disappointed by the content of this chapter..... even Kurama said only one thing that mattered "Even i can't take ten tails...!!" So only course of action is to do something about it before ten tails is revived...!! i guess we finally get to see Naruto vs Tobi!! and this time Tobi gotta fight seriously so an excellent opportunity to see what he is capable of!!

I don't think this chapter imply in any case that Tobi is Obito.... come on guys Obito was a good boy and he willingly gave his eye to Kakashi and died peacefully. Even if he survived he had no reason of becoming so cracked and evil. but i guess these points would have been cleared out a hundred times before too

Next chapter got to be a good one i mean Kishi really wasted this chapter as far as important points of discussion are related.... he could easily had made it a mixed fighting and talking chapter or we could have seen a bit of Oro and Sasuke....!! ohh well Kishi is the boss so
Well, the confirmation that the 10-tails isn't some omnipotent beast that lived beside humans, but in truth is GOD, something that created all and thus humans as well, is quite important. It is the beginning as well as the end and one of the reasons why I posted that image, since that thing had similar names to what 10-tails was called (although in it's case, it was a being between monkey and human, one that directed the course of evolution).

There is one thing that makes we wonder. Kurama called So6p a Grandpa and not father/mother, this might suggest that So6p wasn't the one that devised the beasts (their forms), but rather one of So6p's descendant, like his daughter (who knows maybe he had some , beside seeing how the Uzumaki can live over 100 years easily, it shouldn't be surprising if So6p could live even longer and have multiple children and wifes) ?