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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Well, the confirmation that the 10-tails isn't some omnipotent beast that lived beside humans, but in truth is GOD, something that created all and thus humans as well, is quite important. It is the beginning as well as the end and one of the reasons why I posted that image, since that thing had similar names to what 10-tails was called (although in it's case, it was a being between monkey and human, one that directed the course of evolution).

    There is one thing that makes we wonder. Kurama called So6p a Grandpa and not father/mother, this might suggest that So6p wasn't the one that devised the beasts (their forms), but rather one of So6p's descendant, like his daughter (who knows maybe he had some , beside seeing how the Uzumaki can live over 100 years easily, it shouldn't be surprising if So6p could live even longer and have multiple children and wifes) ?
    As for the "grandpa" part, it's probably just because of the translation. The term "jii-san" means "grandpa", but also means "old man", so Kurama probably just meant "old man Rikudou". It's like how Naruto calls Tsunade "Granny Tsunade" (Tsunade baa-chan).

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    Senior Member Jean-Marie's Avatar
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    Wasn't it said before that the body of the nine-tails is sealed inside the moon? I'm not 100% sure about that one. Plus the 10-tails was drawn before with one giant eye, and not many eyes as the gedo has. I would vote Gedo is not the body of the 10-tails.

    I'm not sure why Tobi has to be someone we know (Obito, Sishui, or whoever). The question is more about Madara. He has chosen: "die now to win in the future". Is Tobi his way to win in the future? How? And how does Tobi relates to Madara? Making Tobi Obito or Sishui really doesn't answer that.

    Nothing new happened in this chapter. True. But somehow I enjoyed it anyway.

    I wouldn't draw the conclusion too fast that Gai and Kakashi has known Tobi personally. Tobi could know everything about them through Jetsu spying on Konoha from a time on, much before they were born.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saiges View Post
    Obito is confirmed dead no?
    Dead people are much less dead in the Narutoverse than in our world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Kurama called So6p a Grandpa and not father/mother, this might suggest that So6p wasn't the one that devised the beasts (their forms), but rather one of So6p's descendant, like his daughter (who knows maybe he had some , beside seeing how the Uzumaki can live over 100 years easily, it shouldn't be surprising if So6p could live even longer and have multiple children and wifes) ?
    Interesting point. But can we trust the translation? Maybe it's a word in Japanese that you can use for anyone with grand-children even if yourself is not a grand-children of him.

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    The Heropon! Sirxxx's Avatar
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    I'm betting that this is just Obito's body, but not his conciousness/will. Essentially, Obito is still dead, having died as a hero and so forth. But some Uchiha life force needed an Uchiha body pre-massacre, and his was lying around (under a couple tons of rock, of course).

    Strange that there were a few panels in which Kakashi's eye was drawn without the Sharingan.

    This chapter also makes a few other confirmations: Let's pour out some liquor for our homies......"Hot" Cloud Shinobi-san and......Big-breasted Cloud Shinobi-sama (?). You guys WILL be forgotten!

    This chapter was heavy on dialogue, but that's because it was a "transition-back-to-Naruto" chapter, so Kishi had to ease us into the situation. It will be good to see if Naruto and Co. can really defeat Tobi before the 10-tails revival is complete. I for one can't wait to see what Tobi HIMSELF can do.

    Tobi spoke ill of Naruto's dream, the equivalent of proclaiming oneself the future pirate king to Luffy. Shit is about to get REAL!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    Actually, Obito has one reason to become so cracked and evil. Everyone left him to die and no one came back for him. Somebody could atleast have the decency to try and retrieve his corpse. I'd be mad too if I was left to rot in a cave. At first i'd think, "they'll send someone to help me soon". Then I'd start to think, "damn they not gonna even try to retrieve my corpse?". Then i'd think, "Once i get out of here i'm going to kill everyone".
    Please re-read the Chapter. They did not leave Obito to die. Obito himself believed he was dieing with Half his body crushed, and he requested that Kakashi take his left eye.

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    Senior Member Yondaime123's Avatar
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    Lol, coming back to check in the thread what's up and fans of the theory "obito=tobi" have already tried to prove it true with that one line from masked guy which was intended to make fun of the very capable memory of Gai.

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    Everyone left him to die and no one came back for him.
    Kakashi went frequently to the graveyard in konoha, wasn't it for Rin and Obito? if I remember well, a female anbu said: "did you come to visit Obito"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Marie View Post
    Dead people are much less dead in the Narutoverse than in our world.
    That only applies to top tier ninja with hax abilities. Obito was pretty much fodder...


    Obito = Tobi theory is so lame that i'm not even going to bother with proof lol (just reread manga)

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    Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō Daemon Spade's Avatar
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    Everbody is so sensitive about "crazy" theories. Once upon a time the people who claimed we'd see Oro again were considered "carzy".

    Tobi can only be three people:

    1.) Madara/zetsu creation

    2.) much proof as there is that says he is not, there is plenty speculative proof that says he could be.

    3.) Izuna...I dont like this theory. It's boring now after seeing Madara

    Anyone else and I would be dissappointed because I dont know who they are. Personally I feel tobi is madara's creation. However, i think it would be dope if it was Obito. The perfect plot cover would be that his MS kicked in and warped him somewhere. That would also fit with how his (tobi) right side is plant like because it got crushed. I personally dont think it is too wild of a theory.

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    except obito never had the MS, as he only developed the sharingan shortly b4 his death. it can however be obito, after all tobi is an anagram of obito!!! well close atleast, it would be exact if tobi was in fact called toobi or otobi or tobio etc.! that would have been a major translation faux pas lol. the theory i believe in the most is that tobi is simply a creation, made by madara when he was dying, being desperate he created tobi to be close to what he was and made zetsu as a loyal servant.

    it was a decent chapter tho, a lot of dialogue but that makes sense since, as it was mentioned earlier, it was a transition to naruto and i hope to see naruto open up a can of whoopass on and take the last few steps to truly become the reincarnation of the SO6P and with all it entails(rinnegan, and 10-tail's jinchuriki).

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    Oh dear Obito is Tobi.. no he's not! Tobi essentially predates all of that. And shut up with your "time space ninjitsu hax" stuff. That would have been the end of the game. If that was the case, Tobi would have gone back a few times to take out key people. Even the 4th could have done something about the ninja wars with that ability. (and before you go saying Tobi is more advanced in TSN, just think back to who won that fight...)

    What we need to do is put that arguement to bed. The fact is Tobi is old, experienced, clever, deceitful and has a helluva lot of information and data. Think back to the beginning of Naruto where they learn about information and using it correctly. He talks up and good game and seems to have the muscle to back it up.

    Right now we are gunna see Naruto and Co vs Tobi and 10 tails form/Chassis/vessel/body etc but its not gunna mean much with Uchiha Madara waiting in the wings after hacking Edo Tensei...

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    Senior Member Lakritze's Avatar
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    Hey Guys!

    I am sure the 10-tails will be revived. In Dragonball, they always tried the same thing: "No, we have to kill him before he reaches full power! Once he does, we are doomed. He will be so hyperstrong!" That was the case with Piccolo (reenforced by Shenlong, what they tried to prevent from happening), Cell (who absorbed all the cyborgs, what they tried to prevent from happening), and Buu (what they tried...). However, the villains always reached full power - and were beaten. So we can be pretty sure we will see the 10-tails. We also saw EVERY so-called strong fighter that had been mentioned in Narutoverse (dead or alive ;-): Madara, all 9 beasts, every of the 5 Kages.

    My bet: That will be the moment where all the fist-bumping with the 2-7-tails will come in handy. If so, I am so looking forward to Tobi's wtf-face when the 10-tails fist-bumps with Naruto. Of course, we don't know how the 1-tails would react. He met Naruto (during the Gaara-Naruto-fight), but the Tanuki wasn't too happy about it.

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