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    Personally I don't really care if Itachi dies or not, but I am interested to know how naruto reacts to the news of the victor. Also even if Sasuke wins this battle he will just begin on a new path to kill Madara. Although it doesn't seem likely he acheive that goal. It seems more likely Naruto will kill Madara

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    I didn't want to believe it from the start but I know that Itachi had to lose. When he started ranting about ripping out eyes for power and revealing the last secrets of the Sharingan, I know his fate was sealed. This victory makes Sasuke look really powerful but the truth is that he has once again defeated an extremely powerful while they are not at their best, same with Orchimaru. Damn IT! If Itachi had taken this fight seriously from the beginning this might not have happened, then again he was having a lot of trouble with his vision.The only person that he has beaten one on one that was powerful was deidara and he lost a wing and Manda to do it. I think Kishi is intentionally inflating Sasuke's stock so that when he fights Naruto it will look like Naruto has made great progress.

    I think I'm starting to hate Sasuke.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wotan View Post
    Yeah, well, just whatever... What's up with Kishi? He's killing off all the climax, all the things he made godly now s*ck majorly. I mean, MS s*cks, you can talk overuse how much you want, still it s*cks. And now seriously, kawarimi? I think it says it all itself. How sh*tty has amaterasu to be, to be avoided by using kawarimi? Moreover, if Itachi still has his sharingan on, why didn't he notice? Don't tell me he was blocked by the fire or he's going blind, because he tells Sasuke he has no more chakra right after. And if his sight was blocked by amaterasu, why didn't he notice when he approached the body? Is Kishi using useful blindness at the right moment no jutsu?
    I knew Itachi was gonna lose, but like this? It's not even believable...

    I agree with you 100% but I have one question. Is Kishi's Convenient Blindness no Jutsu a bloodline limit? lol. Kishi is going down a road where I don't think I can follow. If Sasuke's gonna win like this then it is better for Kishi to just show Naruto getting pwned by Madara.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shawshank View Post
    So how does one use a jutsu without any chakra?
    The same way someone summons Manda with no chakara. I'm guessing you can shove chakara into a item so that it can do a specific task later. Like Tsunade and the diamond in her head. I think that Sasuke infused chakara into a scroll before hand that would summon Manda, maybe the same thing will happen now.
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    I think its just a plot hole used to help his love for Sasuke
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    Meh @ chidoriyourface & ronnizle & whoever else:

    It's pretty pathetic how Sasuke's winning against Itachi. Yeah, we all knew it would happen, but the twice defeated MS -- Amaterasu & Tsukiyomi -- stretched the Narutoverse's reality til it ripped. It's so totally ridiculous. Not to mention the MS plot holes that haven't been plugged, the number of questions remaining about MS, Kakashi, Madara, Pain -- it's was sorta like going from 400 grit sandpaper (very fine) to a 20 grit (very gritty). It plain-out is grating on my nerves now.

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    This is all pretty gay. I appreciate the masterful use of genjutsu's but if Sasuke wins unscathed I'd be a bit disappointed...even Deidra blew off a But more than likely we can chalk this up to another Sasuke Pull Something Out My Ass win. (like deidra). And Naruto is supposed to compete and or save Sasuke how???? I think Naruto needs another arc for some training lol.

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    damnz's spoiler pics are confirmed by Ikunlun, those are the real deal. 100% Confirmed.

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    I Think This Batle Isn't Going To End Easy, Itachi Just Can't Die So Fast, He Definitily Has An Ace

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    I have to say one thing first. Itachi shoulden't die here unless the writer doesn't know what hes doing. Itachi confronted Naruto and then left him in the Forest and never spoke to him about what he wanted to. Terrible flow of the storyline. Why did they add that scene in to have no significance(which it would have if Itachi gets killed off).

    . For Itachi's best Jutsu's to get so easily brushed aside this is getting really old. Sasuka should be the main character, he gets to look cool while Naruto looks like a fool half the time. I don't really care for Itachi all that much, but to think his younger brother who's not even an adult is going to crush one of the greatest ninja's is pretty lame. I can't understand how these fights make any sense either, all Sasuke does is over power everything Itachi does. Why didn't he just kill him instead of wasting all this time on this fight that no longer has any climax.

    Glad to see a number of people feel somewhat the same way I do.

    Time to change the title of Naruto to Sasuke. Not only can Sasuke beat down on Itachi, but he also potentially could control the 9 tails with his eyes. What's Naruto go going for him? That thing that the Sharigan can control is inside of him......SPECTACULAR.

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    well rem how well sasuke did again orochimaru when they met during the exam, it was a test sure, always been talented. i agree with everyone that itachi can't die this easily, i'd be surprised if he did.

    not a bad theory about sasuke drawing power from orochimaru, but itachi should be able to see this, similar to sasuke seeing the 9tails.

    i wanna see some new moves from naruto, sasuke shows up with so many new moves, naruto has a new outfit. it looks like they really wanna keep the theme of rasengan...

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    I think that cat lady has something to do with this next jutsu. Maybe not directly but I suspect she had something to do with it.

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