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    Kishimoto's characters represent more than you think

    Note: This may be very obvious to alot of people. But most of my friends dont agree with me, so i decided to make a theory on this. Maybe its because they are dumb, maybe it isnt actually obvious ( i think its really obvious ), so i just made this for the people that didnt know this.

    We know that Japan had lots of interactions with other eastern cultures such as China, India, and Egypt. There are characters from Naruto that represent people from those areas. Lets start off with China.


    Bruce Lee is a born American but his origin is China. Bruce Lee made an impact to the world and many people were fascinated by him, including Kishimoto. Bruce Lee was a hard worker who was very optomistic. Who is similar to that category that we know in Naruto?

    The name, the facial similarities, fighting styles....are all this a big coincident? I think not.


    One of the biggest cultural impacts in Japan was India. They shared many arts and other cultural things. There is a god with many arms in India and India also believes some spiders were followers of Shiva. A character with many arms with spider like abilities, isnt that familiar? Yes it is.

    Are all these characteristics a big coincident? I think not.


    Kishimoto must have been interested on Egypt.
    Heres an Egyptian symbol. Looks familiar?

    In the deserts of Egypt, people would travel, carrying big objects on their backs. As you know, the desert in Egypt is extremely big. And the Egyptions there had clothing that were netted and had sashes, along with puffy pants. Gaara, has puffy pants, netted clothing, and a sash, and his name is Gaara of the Desert, and he can use sand too.

    Even in Shippuden this applies

    Gaara's clothing represent egyptian style of clothing

    Are all this just a coincident? I think not.

    Not all characters are from different cultures, most of them are still japanese, but im just saying that Kishi hints of cultures via some of his characters, not all of them. And i dont mean that they are from that place, i mean they are just meant to represent people from those areas.

    Not only does Kishimoto use cultures to represent some characters, he uses religion as well. Lets see if you can find someone in the Naruto universe who has similarities in the voodoo religion.

    look at this doll used in the voodoo religion. Who does this remind you of?

    You got it

    As you can see, Kishimoto's characters in the Naruto Universe have some similarities to some things in our universe.

    You might ask yourself, who does Sasuke represent? Well, i'll let you answer that yourself.

    And Narutos and Neji's fight seemed very similar huh? Well heres why.
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    Originally posted by Howdy
    Do you idiots honestly think that Kishimoto will waste our time showing us a crippled Nagato lying in a hospital bed that Naruto can defeat just by switching off his life support machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflenet View Post
    a spider called Sri, was ardent devotees of Shiva. Spiders are affiliated with the religion.
    Sunday Headlines
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    Originally posted by Howdy
    Do you idiots honestly think that Kishimoto will waste our time showing us a crippled Nagato lying in a hospital bed that Naruto can defeat just by switching off his life support machine?

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    so he copied/took inspiration from the real world, wow i never thought one might actually do that.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Ndes View Post
    so he copied/took inspiration from the real world, wow i never thought one might actually do that.
    love the sarcasm

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    i think it's quite interesting were Kishi gets his inspiration. Same for the Animal theory!
    and FFS Gameboy is doing a good job listing what he found. So if you don't like it - DON'T READ IT!

    quite good stuff. I need one of those desert cloths!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflenet View Post
    I doubt they'll do you much good. Someone will just say you're stupid then ask what irony means <_<;

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    Anyone who didn't see similarities between Rock Lee and Bruce Lee despite the name, appearance and attitude similarities deserves a kick in the teeth. But almost everything in Naruto is based off of something else (I'm glad it's distributed reasonably well; aka not all Chinese culture) .

    Good job looking up this stuff and doing the research though.

    And also Gameboy, if I got someone to make you a really awesome Avatar + Signature would you want/use them? Since your current ones bug me for some reason (I have no idea why). That's not saying they're bad either.

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    Sorry Gameboy; your more recent threads have been very interesting... but this is pure fail..

    The guy from the Cursed Seal group didn't necesarily had to be taken out of a god. He just resembles a spider, that's all. I know spiders had to do with Shiva, but come on...

    You are having too much fun. Also, just so you don't make the mistake again, it's "coincidence" not "coincident". Nothing really, it'll make you sound better when you're making a theory. The Rock Lee thing was stated by Kishimoto, so your friends must be really stupid. The egyptian logo, sounds like coincidence to me, because the Konoha symbol is just a leaf with a whirpool on it, if you get my drift.

    You could of course relate anything in Naruto to anything remotely tangible in the world, Num. 2 and 3 are just plain coincidence. Think it of it this way, if you roll a dice twice, you're probable to get the same number again. That's why these are just concidences, except Rock Lee and Gaara. And besides, Kishimoto is a Shintoist, so he'd enever use that. Japan was heavily influenced by India in the sense, that it heavily adopted buddhism, but apart from that they're very different countries.

    Just giving my .02

    Edit: I am an ass. My computer didn't load the videos the other time. Was that really a fight by Bruce Lee? Moreover, who's that guy that Sasuke's imitating.
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    Just so you know, children...

    I Rule.

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    while this all make sense in the end. the videos do not. Kishi may have had some architypes in mind when he created the characters but when they are put to video by animators, who are using software to create it (and Bleach and Naruto come from the same company) don't you think it is possible to use preexisting videos to be the basis for fight scenes. I do... Why re-create the wheel... but you do have some good arguements to other cultures/religions... I think the animation and the reference to what /where they are from are two seperate issues.

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    Good post Gameboy. The fighting sequence of Naruto V Neji was actually originally a tribute to Bruce Lee. Both cowboy beebop and Naruto copied a fighting sequence from one of his films. Also as the above poster said Kishi had no influence in the fight sequence, that was obviously the animators' idea.
    I kinda already guessed Rock Lee was similar in characteristics to Bruce Lee.
    But the egyptian stuff referring to Gara was interesting.

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