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    D.Gray-Man 215 Discussion / 216 Predictions

    Chapter is finally out.

    If you forgot what the hell is going read the chapter before this. I know there's some of you out there who forgot.

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    Nice, looks like innocent can give immortality and eternal youth if it wants, or perhaps his is special...

    Hmmmmm, will Johny do the same thing that Allen did for 14th, or is it going to be Link ?

    Now, who the hell is Allen, man this is getting crazy, what's more it looks like it was false that he was born with his innocent, or at least it doesn't look like that.

    So, Millennium's sword belonged to Neah originally, or perhaps Neah was the Millennium Earl and the current one is a fake.

    Allen, could he be connected to the bookmans ? His hair color was the same as Lavi's, perhaps Allen is actually Lavi's father ? Wow that would be sick if you ask me :p.

    Looks like the science people weren't his real parents, but were taking care of him ? Or, was he reincarnated, like Kanda was ?

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    Nice chapter. I love the art so much..! Is the long-haired person on page 5 past Allen? Or just some character I forgot about?.. Oh, he's also on page 6..
    ...You Know?..

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    -Insert funnies-


    Man, so much INFORMATION on this chapter. :/ My head feels like it's about to pop-off.
    So, let's see:

    1. It appears that Allen is actually older than 15. Somehow. And has no memories of his past prior 15 years ago, when he was 'born'. My question though is why the 'First' Allen Walker decided to do what he did. Why bother erasing your memories? Unless, he's pulling a Light Yagami. He erased his memories to reach some kind of unknown goal of his, I mean. But what goal is he trying to achieve is the question? The 'First' Allen Walker also seemed to be on good terms with the 14th. He also referred to the 14th as 'Near' for some reason. Last time I checked though, the 14th was called 'Neah' or 'Nea'. One of the two. This just gets more and more complex as time goes by. Sheesh.

    2. As we can see, Cross was supposed to be important to Neah/Near somehow beyond the obvious friendship that they most likely shared. The 14th said that now it put him in a bad spot that Cross was dead. Now, what could Neah/Near NEED from Cross? Cross was a sorceror, therefore it might mean that Neah/near needs a spell of some kind. What it's for, I just don't know. But then again, it's also entirely possible that it's part of Neah/Near's PLAN. A plan that he needs Cross for. How Neah/Near would plan out what happened though is a hard question to answer. IE, I don't know. He'd have to be a freakin' god mod to know, as far as I can see.

    3. As we can see, Allen is going through some SERIOUS character depression. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect Allen to be suicidal at this point. 'How truly alone he is', I've got an idea of what that means, but you know how Hoshino (I think that's what her name is :/ ) likes to hide things in microscopic detail. He hinted at the 14th even back during the Rewinding Town arc. Anyways, Allen might even willingly give himself to Apocryphos to stop the 14th. Though, I'm not sure. What I do know is, Allen is REALLY freakin' depressed. Can't blame him though. I know I don't.

    4. I liked the T/N note on page 20: Gaaaaaay. XD
    Totally dope.

    5. Apocryphos comes near. Geddit? 'Cus the 14th is called - nevermind. Apocryphos is getting closer to Allen. I do wonder though what will happen between the two.

    6. Allen is probably going to go in search of Neah/Near's past and stuff. Though, just WTF happened in Neah/Near's past? It's bending me over backwards to understand what's going on so far, and keep track of it in my head.

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    Ok, does anyone have any idea what was with the group fixing random objects or the electrical handcuffs? i know that they needed a way to make money and restrain allen, but couldnt allen have played cards for money? and isnt there a better way than to mess around with experimental objects AGAIN?

    overall it was a good chapter. a little bit frusterated about how slow this is coming out....

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    I live in a snowgloo :P
    Oh gosh finally i get to read it with english text!! I've been wanting to discuss it for 2 weeks now haha! Kandalover, the random objects was so they can raise some money because they knew they needed to move a lot because of Allen's 'condition'. The electrical handcuffs was just to keep Allen from running away because they knew he thought he'd endanger them by staying near them. I liked this chapter 2 weeks ago, and I liked it when I re-read it now. So basically, Allen was kind of a big deal/Neah's close buddy back then. And since he was the one who promised he'd protect Neah's memories NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TOOK, i'd say Allen knew he'd be able to stick around for this long. Maybe the innocence in the arm had something to do with shrinking him back to a little baby. Maybe Mana was aware this was the same Allen, maybe not. All I know, Allen SHOULD have remembered Neah, but apparently something went wrong in their little 'plan'. Cross was supposed to still be around, I guess cuz he knew what this whole shindig was as a youngster and he was somewhat of a 'facilitator'. As in making sure Allen ended up at the right place, right time etc.

    My verdict? Awesome chapter. I don't think Hoshino had planned it this way but it was a nice little twist, knowing that this is not Allen's first shot at life. Because it was a pretty miserable life. Anyway, we can look forward to more memories of the past as promised by Neah himself. I can't wait for 216! =)

    Forgot to mention: Oh ma gawww older Allen is sooo hawt!! *fangirl moment*
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    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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    My head hurts when I need to think back where the story is at already. :-<

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