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    I really need to read this manga its on my list to read.

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    I'm on ch. 158. To date, it's the best written and most articulately drawn manga i've read. It's incredible. I recommend bumping it to the top of your to read list.

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    Between Monster and 20th CB, I can't really choose. But I can still remember the feeling I got when I read Monster. I couldn't stop from turning to the next page because of the pace of the story, it really feels like an intense action manga.

    But still, I'm not saying Monster is better. 20th CB has more depth in the story. But my brother kinda annoyed by it because it's too long and too roundabout. I can understand his feeling but I still like this manga very much. One thing to be noted though, I think it'd be better if you finish reading it in one go. Maybe it's just me, but I got kinda confused with so many characters coming and going, hahahaa...

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    Just saw the second part of the live-action trilogy (any news about the release of the last part?). What are your thoughts about the second movie?

    In my opinion, Kanna and Yoshitsune's actors really suck, even though they're phisically perfect, their acting is horrible. On the other side, the acting of the fat transexual friend of Kanna did an excellent job! Other decent actings were the bad police (he over-acted a bit in his last scene, though) and the young kids from '70s.

    I didn't like the sudden plot change about the death of Friend, but still they're adaptaing the story in a good way. The ending was cool enough, although it doesn't look like Kenji has gotten too old. I'm really looking forward the third movie after seeing the great preview.

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    Was thinking of reading this for a long time since I enjoyed his other work Pluto. But just seems to f*cking long although I hear the ending is a crazy twist.

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    Well, the length of a manga shouldn't be the reason you don't pick it up. If anything, it indicates how well the manga sold in Japan.

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    I spent the past 30-ish hours reading it. Finally..!
    And and Otcho <3
    When he made his first adulthood appearance... AAAAAAAAAAHHH. Very badass. Very badass.
    A great read. The timeline transitions were very well made; no confusion!
    Although it'd get very disappointing and vaguely annoying when the mangaka would cut whenever something super awesome was gonna happen. Clever how he'd explain everything by jumping back.
    Some parts are odd and pretty far-fetched though (of course, excluding the whole ESP concept).
    And Kenji's Bob Lennon song in the Live Action's not as bad as I expected it to be O:

    Also, is it just me or at some point, things really reminded me of George Orwell's novel 1984.. Haha.

    I have decided to have an Urasawa Naoki marathon. Pluto's next! And I can't wait to watch Monster (I've read the manga and I've heard the anime's an almost perfect adaptation so I'd really like to see all the action...(?) haha)
    Zetsuboushita|ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! «°-°«

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    How come no one ever told me that Pluto is a collaboration between Monster's Urasawa and Tezuka's Astroboy?! Wow, just wow... it's astroboy with Urasawa's art angd storytelling. I just started reading it. I'm a big fun of both them. They should animate this. It's kinda like soft seinen version of Astroboy. Loving it!

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    Yeah, it's a great manga, any of Urasawa's latter works is awesome. As for the collaboration, Tezuka only "collaborated" by letting Urasawa use his story, no?

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    Yeah,I guess so. Probably just to make sure that it doesn't deviate from the essence of the Pluto arc. We need to have an Urasawa discussion thread. All his works are awesome.

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