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    You meant merman?

    Anyway I think it should be some blacksmith, because someone should repairs Zorro's swords.
    At the beginning of One Piece there was flashback of Zorro as a bounty hunter's. Zorro was told, that he overuses his swords and one day he may completely destroy them. That's why they need someone to look after Zorro's swords.
    Moreover the blacksmith could make Zorro some special sword.

    Anyway, I didn't found anywhere in the manga Luffy saying about 10 crew members.
    It was indeed in the anime, but if I remember correctly Luffy said something like: 'I don't need to many crew member. I think 10 ppl should be enough for the beginning.'
    But I don't have dvd's with One Piece at the moment so I can't check if I'm right.
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    If you were asking me, yes I meant merman. =)

    And I really hope that the 10th member is not the final member, although I agree with the screentime issue. But I just want to see more and more amazing characters joining that crew.

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    ooo, mayb they could have like sum1 who could fly/swim cuz like it would b useful for stealthy stuff, and checking out farther places XD know what i mean? or a detective mayb? cuz there's not many more important positions left XD haha, unless Luffy does what hez known to: "AWESOME! you wanna join my pirate cr-" (rest of crew speaks) "LUFFY, U IDIOT, SHUDDAP!" haha.
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