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    The monster-anime is great. Dunno about the manga, but I would assume it's great as well. (usually the way it goes with good animes, great manga!)

    However, Monster does have a few points that I find are annoying.

    What I enjoy most about Monster is probably that all characters in the anime at least go through development, which I find is pretty rare in at least animes nowadays, the protagonist usually goes through some changes, but the sidekicks remain in the same mental state all the way through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etre_de_viestre View Post
    only one comment from me, naoki urasawa is briliant!
    I'll second that!! It really is one of the best anime/manga that I have seen, a classic example of good story telling. The anime sticks to the manga exactly. I can't really fault monster at all.

    If you've not read it and like the more mature settings, I recommend you pick it up.

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