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    Bleach and the MBTI

    Reposting this because I'm bored

    Aizen: INFJ

    Aizen manipulated people using Fe, not Te. Furthermore, his paranoia and sense of megalomania seemed to stem from tertiary Ti feeding Ni. Furthermore, INFJs are the most out-going and social type of all the introverts and are good social butterflies. INTJs just shy social interaction too much. It was Aizen's ability to get himself into other peoples' heads that allowed him to get where he got, along with a very strong and well-developed Ti to feed his Ni system which is why he appears as so cold, calculating and rational. His Fe is also sorely underdeveloped which is why he is not a healthy individual. I want to add that INFJs and INTJs can be very similar to each other and sometimes they themselves don't know the differences. In the end of Deicide we also saw Aizen falling back on SeTi, his shadow function because as you know, he stopped theorizing and lost all composure. Instead he started to study the physical world, especially Ichigo's body language, demeanor and manners because he failed to get into Ichigo's head using Fe and craft explanations as to why he could not sense Ichigo anymore.

    Ichigo: INFP

    Ichigo easily falls into SiFi spirals like no tomorrow (basically the entirety of the HM and FKT arc), especially when he's unable to what? Deal with interpersonal relationships. So he avoids them, a typical INFP trait. ISFP is a possible alternative. Ichigo also appears to have a good Se and Ni. He's Fi dom either way, regardless of what others say. Furthermore, when really stressed out he falls back onto his shadow function SiTe making him appear as bossy and aggressive by falling back on verbal abuse and physical violence. The Tsukishima scene really comes to mind here.

    Urahara: ENTJ

    Yup, you heard me right. Urahara's ENTJ. He has an obvious lack of sympathy for others and is far more concerned about reaching his goals, and he prefers inductive over deductive logic (Te vs Ti). His thinking is far too rigid to be a Ti dom or aux, and ENTJs can be as goofy as their ENTP counterparts. Urahara's goofy-ness isn't Ne goofy-ness though, and this is an important distinction to understand. Urahara desires power as well. He didn't create the Research Department out of goodwill. Compare Urahara to Jim Carrey if you want to understand the difference between ENTJ and ENTP humor. Furthermore, Urahara's thinking is too rigid to be an Ne dom or aux. I already suspected so when Urahara mentioned that he supports determinism and that is just not something that would sit right with Ne doms and aux, because we like the open-ended connections Ne makes. Ni doms and aux on the other hand, they have no problems whatsoever to think the system is "closed", due to Te being inductive in nature. This also explains why Aizen ultimately felt that Urahara was smarter than him, because Aizen's not Te dom that Urahara is. I want to add that ENTJs are the most introverted types of the extraverts along with the ENTPs.

    Orihime: ISFJ
    I think this is more or less obvious. Also explains my dislike of her character being my shadow function (sigh). She has shit Ti and Fi also, which is why she always adopts other peoples' feelings as hers such as crying when Riruka was sad but without actually knowing why. Fe creates sympathy but without Fi or strong Ti to back Fe up, there is no empathy whatesoever. And yes, she's a people-pleaser. A horrible one. Another typical Fe dom/aux trait.

    Chad: ISFP
    Chad screams Se aux user. He expresses almost everything about himself through the use of body language. ISTP is a possibility, but I think there's more focus on Chad's feelings and who he is in his stories that speaks more for Fi dom.

    Gin: ENFP
    I think we already covered it but I want to reinforce the already existing assessment about it.

    Rukia: ISTJ
    Not sure what there is to add here really, but she values commitment, loyalty and so on strongly, all typical SJ traits. Furthermore, she tends to express her emotions through body language rather than verbally, and she prefers doing what she knows, suggesting Si dom. She's horrible at expressing feelings due to auxiliary Te, but she has a strong emotional life in accordance to Fi. She falls back on NeFi when really stressed, making her withdraw and just introspect endlessly about who she is like she did during the Soul Society arc.

    Matsumoto: ENFJ

    Outgoing, loves people, has a knack to take upon the emotions of others as hers. Important to note that ENFJs may necessarily not actually be organized in the physical world as much as they are organized when it comes to their internal value system about people, making it possible that ENFJs can actually appear as slobs as they tend to focus so much on others that they forget about the physical world around them. Loves to draw out the best out of others as well and they tend to do this by getting under your skin. The scene where Matsumoto comforts Orihime really comes to mind as a typical ENFJ thing. She also seems to use Se quite a bit.

    Keigo: INFP
    That man relies so much on his Ne humor to socially interact with others it's not even funny. Fi dom over Ti because he's more concerned about how people feel than what they think.

    Mizuiro: ESTJ
    Probably. He loves money and fame and living the good life but not for the sake of life's finer pleasures like the ESFP, but more to prove his value and worth to others. He's very laid back as an ESTJ but I think we just don't see that aspect of him really. I think we saw a glimpse of Mizuiro's inner overlord during Deicide also.

    Addendum re Ulquiorra and INTP as well:
    He's inferior Fe shines through it's not even funny. Deductive reasoning, he prefers to observe and draw conclusions later (NeTi). Introverted perceiver because he dislikes authority and the only reason he's even obeying Aizen's orders is because he's an NT so he recognizes Aizen's intellect and respects it tons. I've said that before also, but to NTs intelligence is the most valued trait and even if you depise a person to death, if the NT thinks the person is smart, they will still respect that person. Introverted doesn't need to be expounded upon further, I think. He also has an obvious objective worldview suggesting Ti dom. And he's a nihilist and has a constant "I don't have enough fucks to give" attitude towards everything, again suggesting Ti dom. Ne because he prefers theorizing and building internal logical systems over understanding the physical world and its inner workings. Ti dom because he can't understand emotions and he tries to rationalize them. The entire "The Heart" substory was Ulquiorra's attempt to rationalize emotions as a Ti dom. Si tertiary because when Ne fails he falls back on what he knows. Fe inferior because ultimately he wants to connect to people and understand them and what they feel and feel what they feel. The last portion is very important. In sum: obvious INTP with poorly developed auxiliary Ne for social interaction. He fell back a lot on SiFe during the latter portion of The Lust when he got pissed off at Ichigo. When INTPs decide they have a fuck to give, they always seem to attempt to make up for all the fucks they could never bother to give before.

    Ulquiorra is a person you'd get when you have an INTP who relies on Ti for EVERYTHING. That's why he failed to realize that his own internal logical system crafted by Ti was flawed and illogical because he kept ignoring new information provided by Ne. He wasn't quite in an SiTi spiral, but it was something very similar to it. While I'm at it:

    Grimmjow: ESTP
    Obvious ESTP is obvious.

    Hollow Ichigo: ESTJ
    Yup, Ichigo's shadow. I don't even think Kubo understood what he was doing here actually but suffice to say, it's freaking brilliant making hollow Ichigo an ESTJ in constrast to the INFP ego. ESTJ because hollow Ichigo relies a lot on his tertiary Ne to feed Te. He also desires to be in a power position and crafting a system where everyone has a purpose and his purpose is to control and direct, ergo the whole thing about the king and his horse. Has no respect or understanding for Ichigo's NeFi nature and thinks that it has no value because Ichigo's idealistic worldview is not materialistic but indeed idealistic. Tertiary Ne feeding Te which is why he appears as such a narcissist megalomaniac, yet you see that he prefers that which is known and established. He desires strict structure of an Si controlled world where nothing ever changes. Makes sense because when Ichigo faced his hollow he was stuck in SiFi loops so naturally Ichigo's hollow would be stuck in NeTe loops. Oh yeah, I want to add here also that ESTJs look up to authority and respect it tons, and that's why hollow Ichigo seem to respect Zangetsu so much because Ichigo's inner world is ultimately crafted by Zangetsu.

    Isshin: ENTP
    Lots of Ne goofy-ness there. Ti aux over Fi because of the episode where he yelled at Ichigo because he refused to do anything about Aizen. Seems to be more of a Ti than an Fi thing to me. He also tends to pull pranks and jokes at the expense of others that may seem extremely inappropriate. Tertiary Fe because he still has a desire to understand and connect with other people and is very good at flatten over his Ne jokes with Fe when they fail.

    Szayel: ENTP
    Relies a lot on Ne during the entire portion where we are introduced to his character. Ti because he's a scientist. Ne dom because he likes to talk and he's the one who talks the most between him, Ishida and Renji. Ti aux because Mayuri outsmarted him.

    Mayuri: INTJ
    I know most people think Mayuri's an INTP but it's important to understand that ALL NTs are quirky one way or another. Just because Mayuri fulfills the definition of the mad scientist it doesn't mean that he has to be an INTP. Mayuri enjoys power for one, and his thinking is rigid. He rather becomes a master at something than being competent at many things. He seems to prefer inductive over deductive logic, crafting a plan first to implement than observe and then craft a plan. If anything I get the feeling Mayuri's stuck in a bit of an NiFi loop, and the mad scientist persona that we see is a result of his poorly developed tertiary Fi. Mayuri wants to appear as an authentic individual. Au contraire to INTPs, INTPs don't try to be mad scientists on purpose (I should know -.-).

    Renji: ISFJ
    At least he's more developed than Orihime. Doesn't like to try anything new (Si), and has a tendency to adopt the values of the group rather than sticking to his own (Fe), ergo the conflict he experienced during the SS arc about whether he would stand up to Byakuya or not. Also probably why I think Rukia and Renji tend to have a good relationship dynamic due to the commonly shared Si as a dominant function.

    Byakuya: ISTJ
    Obvious ISTJ is obvious.

    Kaien: ENFP
    Most likely. Or perhaps INFP. A big problem that we only see Kaien in Rukia's memories but he has Ne goofy-ness for sure, and he comes off as a feeler over a thinker. I mean, the entire thing about the heart? Only a feeler would conjure that.

    Ishida: INTJ
    Dun dun.

    Ryuken: ENTJ
    Probably. I can also see ESTJ working out here, but I think ENTJ is more likely.

    Kenpachi: ISTP
    Sees the possibilities in the here and now for sure. Thinker because he doesn't even seem to know what feelings are like, but you can see his inferior Fe shining through because he still wants to connect with people. Introverted dominant because he doesn't seem to enjoy socialization that much and prefers a group of close friends he can trust over many. Lives in the here and now and he enjoys the wild side of life quite a bit. The here and now attitude is mostly discerned in his battles. Compare to Ichigo who I think is most likely an INFP and how he has to learn to struggle with this, desiring to be more like Kenpachi. Also compare to Chad who tries to find a use of his body in the here and now because of his Fi. Se = Body Fi = social value.

    Yamamoto: ESTJ
    He's the SS overlord. I don't think there more to add to it really. Te dom over Si because he clearly enjoys being in a power position and directing people. I can also imagine Yamamoto having a really wild life as a young one.

    Shunsui: ENTP
    He relies on Ne and Fe, but he's ultimately not interested in interpersonal relationships and how that fits into his value system. Compare to Ukitake...

    Ukitake: ENFP
    More Ne goofy-ness, but he tries to understand people according to his Fi value system. The whole deal about Ukitake refusing to fight Lillynette comes to mind. Shunsui on the other hand, being Ti aux just thinks it's more a matter of not giving enough of a damn because he fails to see why it would be efficient in order to defeat the enemy. Ti aux makes him lazy as hell. Probably why the duo is interesting and quite funny where they only differ in aux and tertiary function. I can see Ukitake and Shunsui having pulled off a lot of pranks when they were young, but Shunsui more so than Ukitake since Shunsui does not work according to an inner value system that Ukitake does, meaning that he cares less about the consequences of his pranks.

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