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    Exclamation The biggest secret of em all (caution this a big spoiler)

    Caution with seeing this thread unless you want to know spoilers from many mangas ahead do not watch it

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    It is about this Im one of the drawers of Pierrot Studios

    [hide]Naruto's brother his Sasuke I wont say more ![/hide]

    You can make what you want of spoilers or truths or falses about it but thats the truth I hope this will stay only here on this forum

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    And I'm Will Smith.

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    ok its whatever you think Will Smith but in about 40 manga chapters you will see the truth

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    How would a drawer of the anime know what will happen 40 chapters ahead, when the anime is about 100 chapters behind?

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    they not bros but could be related if 4th turns out to be madara uchiha

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    non-sense @ Mopopolis and this is my last hinth then I cant give more

    [hide]5 things : Cats ; Purple ; Sasukes Mother ; AKatsuki and Genjutsu![/hide]

    You figure it out !

    See ya wont say more about fake deaths caused by genjutsus because genjutsu is an art that create illusions

    Forget to say : Death shall set u free

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