View Poll Results: What will Sasuke do in face of Amaterasu

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  • Kawarimi no jutsu (for the go)

    18 13.85%
  • Kage Bunshin (for the pawnage)

    1 0.77%
  • Cursed Seal 2 (for the block)

    28 21.54%
  • ''That Jutsu'' (for the unpredictable)

    57 43.85%
  • Other (be creative)

    26 20.00%
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    Be happy freakshow. It looks like Itachi went blind in one eye.

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    totally agree freakshow (props) i think that the replacement was so gay, im getting frustrated with kishi, the story was AMAZING from the sasuke retrieval arc all the way to the pein fight, but these last few have just made me sick, for the most built up fight in the whole manga it is quite a buzz-kill

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    Worst fight ever. boring because Sasuke is like a God. This is going to end up like Gundam Seed Destiny.
    I'd like to see at least one of Sasuke's eyes get ripped out of him. Hell I'd like to see a double rip where Sasuke pulls both of Itachi's eye and Sasuke rips both of his eyes out.
    That would be f'ing sweet.

    Jiraiya fight was sweet though. At least Jiraiya put up a damn fight. although he died. It was a damn good fight. Kind of like the Asuma fight, that led up to the Shikamaru fight. Those were nice fights. This is just showing how invinsible one character can be. Hell Naruto is the main character and he looks like a dumbass always needing help and all his jutsu's practically kill him.
    If Naruto ever fights Sasuke naruto tries that rasengan bs at this point sasuke will intentionally get hit spit his ass out while naruto lays on the floor hurt himself and sasuke is fine and does a whatever f'ing jutsu etc etc. naruto=dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lupo_moua View Post
    i think he did, i read that spoiler too, but i doubt it would happen that way
    Haha no I actually didn't. I don't read the spoilers because it just well spoils it and are mostly incorrect. I guess I wasn't too far off though. Did what he used even a snake jutsu? I didn't see any snakes, but Itachi said that it was a jutsu used by Orochimaru.
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