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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hair View Post
    man what the heck! Sasuke had trouble beating diedara who was supposedly weaker than Itachi, and now he's able to go toe to toe with Itachi. Even with his bad eye sight, itachi should be able to give sasuke a run for his money
    Sasuke is basically fightning a nearly bling Itachi, that is prob the only reason he is losing. Seriously, Itachi's strength is his eyes, and he loses sight of those, he can't do the normal badass things he does. i think it makes sense. I wonder how Sasuke will get out of this one, since Amatersu burns everything within it's field of vision

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    thks for the early release. damn that was fast.
    all this wait and amaterasu is shown in the last page, i didn't like that.
    and sasuke fighting an almost blind itachi doesn't seem fair to me, plus
    he has cs2.

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    Well, this is the first real action we've had, i.e. non-genjutsu, and itachi is getting a rite pwnage!! However, Itachi finally manages to use ametersu!!!!! looks even better cos of all the bleeding and eye blood vessels popping!!!!! awesomee~~

    I predict Itachi PWNing Sasuke and finishing him off in the nxt chapter~~ Yeahhh

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    the ps2 game version of amaterasu was BY FAR better...kishi should've gotten some inspiration after seeing it at least once

    I predict Itachi PWNing Sasuke and finishing him off in the nxt chapter~~ Yeahhh
    i am afraid reality is against us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    -_- last time sasuke couldn't keep up with itachi's hand seal formation speed
    think that time was an illusion in the tsukuyomi...........

    anyways.........ok chapter.......
    no amazing stuff.......
    amaterasu wasn't shown all that godly.....(i mean "shown" but yeah i agree its badass)...
    n itachi bleedin from his eyes......looks like itachi's gonna go blind for sure now...

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    finally a ch. without genjutsu...

    itachi being so worn out is really his own fault. he's had his MS active since ch. 385. before he would only use it for a few seconds at a time and even then he would get a little worn out. love that rigid shuriken sasuke uses, the way it comes apart in sections looked so sweet.

    anyway for 388 chapters itachi hasn't had so much as a fingernail touch him. it's about time he took some damage and looked vulnerable. ppl keep forgetting that itachi isn't the uber badass of narutoverse. Madara and Pein are. so of course he has to have weakness and he has to be beatable. though i would agree that sasuke should be a lot more tired than he is now. i hope kishi at least has him take some serious damage before it's all done.

    still, amaterasu seems like it's going to be awesome. "it burns anything that enters the eyes field of vision" i think it's a little like kakashi's MS. only instead of creating a void where he focuses his eye, it creates a huge spontenous black flame.

    though, he better hope it works. if the amaterasu fails, itachi will pretty much be a zero. then it's over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    -_- last time sasuke couldn't keep up with itachi's hand seal formation speed
    now he got all the time to summon a shuriken,attach wires to it,and add the kage-shuriken to it,and throw it,and drink tea while it was flying at itachi...-_-

    wft is wrong with kishi all of a sudden?
    you're failing to see that after itachi used tsukiyomi his stamina was decreased which means slower reflexes which is why sasuke was able to do all he did. now that itachi used amaretesu(sp?) he's just signed his death certificate. i give this fight another chapter or two and it'll be over. i really wish the whole fight would have been more interesting.


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    I think the fight is verrry interesting. It's good to see non-genjutsu and Itachi has gotten so weak, I don't see how he'll hold out when the amaterasu fails to kill Sasuke (which is a given). It's his own fault if he loses. He could've used the tsukiyomi to exert more damaging effects before Sasuke blew it out the window.

    Again...I'm not a big fan of Sasuke, but he is doing very well in this fight. The fireballs going against each other was so simple and great at the same time. I hope to see more of what amaterasu can do before Itachi's eyes fall out from non-voluntary self-inflicted damage.
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    boring fight, i dont care who wins anymore just end it quick =/

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    I think that Sasuke will win it's pretty much a given, but after he deafeats him he will fall KO wich means Zetsu will take Sasuke's body and will give it to Madara or something like that. I just hope this battle will end in 2 or 3 ch. Cant wait till next week

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