Fairy Tail is starting to piss me off. Those stupid wins or draws here and there, next time they get owned so badly. I thought after natsus assault on sabertooths hotel those fuckers had a little respect and that cocky dragonslayer was scared but now they are really in a good mood as I can see. how about we actually see natsu owning or anyone else owning sabertooth???? Is that request really too much?
and that stupid "running gag" with aquarius having dates all the time wasnīt funny the first time and it still isnīt funny now! and why is lucy relying on her everytime? wasting her magic power like that.................................

If i donīt see a fist in a sabertooths face next chapter Iīm gonna quit.
Oh and terrible chapter btw. only thing Iīm wondering now, was her defeat within the five minutes or not?
But actually points do not matter at all, because that tournament will be interrupted after all right guys?