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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Chaos View Post
    It's not Gemini, Minerva took Lucy's keys from her. Lucy just got her ass whooped again because shes useless without her keys and one of the weakest in FT. Sabertooth doesn't even know about the plan to use Lucy behind the scenes, they just felt disrespected by FT thinking they could disappear for 7 years and then come back and take the top spot now owned by sabertooth with no problem.

    Mashima really needs to teach Lucy some solo magic because without her keys shes fucked.
    Well, she has that cosmos attack but it takes time, can be interrupted and against someone utilizing time-space magic... it might actually work since it's a multi-hit-&-directional attack, so perhaps it could have slipped through her guard.

    Besides, I think that she can absorb and store Leo's attack, in the same way that the Goat could.

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    Wasn´t there a time when Lucy force opened the gates without her keys? And I think I remember times where some spirits came out without Lucy calling them, to save her. Leo for sure. So why is none of em doing it now?
    The funny part about all this is, even if a spirit would come out, Lucy will still lose because all those spirits suck so hard.
    I seriously hope she gets a buff and this is a fake.

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    Poor Lucy, it's not her fault, she tried her best while her opponent is so awesome and bad...but why she so depend on her keys, her weakness without the keys.

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