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    Naruto Naruto 388 Discussion / 389 Predictions

    Grab the chapter form the MS homepage and discuss it here.

    Seems like we're having an ilusion after ilusion, this is never ending
    What do you think that Amaterasu will be like?

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    NO. It was an illusion, I was so happy when sasuke got his eye's ripped out. That's Kishimoto for you, No.1 sasuke fan.

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    The question is whats wrong with Itachis eye. Did the ms finally take its toll.

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    wow the release was so early...arigato MS+Binktopia
    the spoiler thing about sasuke's sharingan copying the kekkei genkai was FAKE afterall

    why did itachi close his left eye at the end?

    as for those who have never seen amaterasu,there's a possible form of it in the Narutimetto game serie on the PS2...and it's so COOOOL
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    Why do you all hate Sasuke! Stop trying to be different xD
    I think Itachi's eyes are have different abilitys. Right eye Amaterasu and Left for Tsymomi however you spell it xD
    Orochimaru reminds me of Michael Jackson... Hes pale and has long black hair LOL

    "Come here Sasuke, I'll show you the true power of the white snake" ROFLMAO

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    I was like oh shi....., that was prety awesome, and then it was an illusion, hey maybe the whole naruto manga is an illusion thats been going since the beginning

    Nice early release, thanks

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    ok sasuke's going to win for sure now. damn illusion, i was so happy when sasuke got his eye ripped out.
    how the hell could his normal sharingan beat itachi's mangekyou, that's just lame...

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    whoa, they really are putting ch. out fast lately.

    anyway, what a surprise another genjutsu. so sasuke never had his eye plucked, hell he never even got kicked into that wall. please, please let there be no more genjutsu(yeah right). i'm really not surprised that sasuke broke the tsukuyomi. he's already had it used on him twice before, and he had to know itachi would use it again. so the fact that he chose to confront itachi in the first place should have made it obvious he could break it. plus he already showed he could overcome oro's dimension thing...

    as for itachi using amaterasu, last i checked it was some kind of uber fire technique. what good are sasuke's eyes if itachi roasts them...

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    Wow I'm still in school and I got to read it, cool. Looks like Itachi is getting serious, and awesome job on the fast release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk304 View Post
    ok sasuke's going to win for sure now. damn illusion, i was so happy when sasuke got his eye ripped out.
    how the hell could his normal sharingan beat itachi's mangekyou, that's just lame...

    i think that pretty much explains how sasuke's normal sharingan can defeat itachi's mangenkyo. this was an ok chapter and i was pretty sure sasuke wasn't gonna lose his eyes. i think we're gonna see amateresu in action next chapter. seems like what mgsplayer said a while ago about ameteresu being a jutsu that was used from one eye is accurate.

    the fact that itachi is using his most powerful jutsus right off the bat is just proof that he's gonna die soon. i mean look at jiraiya. it seems like sasuke is only gonna go all out when he fights madara.


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