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    Whose past is sadder?

    whose past is sadder sasuke or naruto? why?
    i mean sasuke's life is pretty shitty. his entire clan was killed and he spends his time contemplating killing his brother but i would still think naruto's life was sadder. he never had a family and was hated by everyone. solitude was his enemy sasuke defeated it and then became it
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    he watched his family murdered....not just once but multiple times because of tsukoyomi

    wtf.....imagine witnissing that...i would much rather be alone from the start with everyone hating me

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    i think narutos past is sadder at least sasuke got to know his family, naruto know nothing never new what it felt like to be loved or have a real father and mother for that matter, and even his god father that he doesn't know about is now dead, when he finds out everything think about what that would be like and sasuke wasnt hated by the whole village naruto was

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    The way i look at it real life
    An Orphan who grew up as an outsider/outcast in a foster home of many people
    A Toddler who experienced love with many people, watched that love get chopped into pieces...multiple times....

    The Orphan story (Naruto) seems pretty sad...but he doesn't know what it feels like to be loved (which is pretty sad). Us people who probably experienced this feeling, feel sad for him more than we really should, since he got along okay. So basically his life was plain, never changing, a "straight line"

    NOW put yourself into a shoe of a toddler. You are in your young age, when u love your mother and father to an unmeasurable, incomparable extent AND your family is your entire world to you....And u watch them get murdered...FROM YOUR BROTHER(who u also love and idolize)...MULTIPLE TIMES! So Basically your life went turned completely around.
    I think its clear who lived the sadder Child hood....

    Its basically the question of...Which is worse? Never Having Love, Or Experiencing it, and being rejected/dumped(MULTIPLE TIMES). Highly Debatable.

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    I'm going to go with Naruto.
    In the ninja world alot of the peoples parents are dead. Now sasukes parents died in a bad way, but still in a ninja world death is the norm.

    To me though Naruto's story is sadder. His father was a hero and the village champion. He never knew this. His father sacraficed himself and expected the village to treat Naruto like a hero as well. Instead the village shunned him, and the few that new the truth of Narutos parentage kept it a secret. That just seems sad to me.

    Maybe its because I don't like Sasuke or the Uchihas though. No matter what I still the the Uchihas might have had it coming to them.

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    Im going to go with naruto cos its just really sad to not know your parents. However sasuke at least knew his parent and has some memories.

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    i believe sasuke's story is sadder
    having parents and losing them at that age is by far worse than never having them
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    Not knowing your parents and hated by nearly everyone around you( come on the ramen man musta loved the kid) would make a kid sad and all but getting your whole entirely family, relatives, friends killed by your brother would be traumatising.

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    I do belive both stories are very sad.
    Naruto grew up without ever knowing what it was to be loved. He was also despised by the entire village because of what he was.
    Sasuke had a family he knew what it was to be loved. Then he had it taken away form him by someone who was thought to be a loved one.

    I am going to have to go with Sasuke on this.

    Naruto may have had a very horrible childhood. However he later learned what it was liked to be loved, and to have friends. Gradually he put away his past memories of neglet and abuse at the hands of the leaf village.

    Sasuke on the other hand can't put away his feeling of abuse. Because the one who commited those horrible acts is still alive. Not only that Itachi later taunts sasuke that he will never be able to avenge his clan, this only further brings down his feelings.

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    I vote equal, and that's what makes them good friends lol.

    Errr, yeah, ignoring that Sasuke got TOO emo with Itachi, and Naruto TOO emo with Sasuke, hah haha XD.

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