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    id hate it if he died, not because i like him but because it would shorten the story by 50%. i think hes doing a pretty good role in being the cool genius everyone is jealous of. seeing how naruto is slowly becoming a more serious character and knowing he will someday surpass sasuke because hes the main character i dont think theres a problem in having a character like sasuke.

    and to those who claim sasuke is the main character: how many chapters did it take until sasuke became relevant to the plot of shippuuden?

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    i say kill the moth#f@k& already, he's outlived his existence and is starting to anny everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk304 View Post
    i say kill the moth#f@k& already, he's outlived his existence and is starting to anny everyone.
    QFT. Although: annoy*.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    Well, I think Sasuke should live, but what will he do after he kills Itachi or Itachi's killed by whoever -- that's a better question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post
    here's a question for you. did gaara get his entire clan killed by his brother? no. did sasuke get his entire clan killed by his brother? yes. how would you feel like if your older brother killed your entire family because he wanted to test his knife throwing skills. i hope that never happens but how would you feel? what would you do? true sasuke killing itachi won't bring back his family but itachi will be getting the punishment he deserves. lemme ask you another question. which one is better. let a murderer roam free and kill other innocent people or kill that f*cker before he gets a chance to kill more people. itachi has to pay for what he did and sasuke's the man for the job.
    Just because Itachi should die doesn't mean Sasuke shouldn't, or vice-versa.

    I don't think he should die but I think he's not on Itachi's level so him beating Itachi just doesn't seem right but I'm all for Itachi dieing. Yea, he trained with a sannin for three years and all he cares about is killing Itachi so that's what makes him as strong as he is now. Well then what about Itachi? He trained with Madara for what looks like more than three years and all he himself lives for is to take Sasuke's eyes. Point made.

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    i dont think he should die, but he deserves it

    Know his name: Jiraiya Sama of the legendary Sannin
    May he rest in peace and he will be sorely missed, the strongest out of all the three

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    Yes, make the fangirls cry Kishi! *yells*

    Naruto would probably end though, since everything pretty much revolves around him and not Naruto. =/ It's kind of retarded.

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    lmfao, this thread is for all those anti-Sasuke ppl out there. They rejoiced when this thread was put up.
    Well...My opinion...for the story...keep Sasuke alive...BUT tweek him a lil...lmfao...he gets kinda Emo, even if he has the right to do so here and there X_X

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    Ironmaidenlive, I just have to say... Your avatar rules so much XDDDD

    Oh but, Sasuke won't die, I mean, all the odds are against it.

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    short answer: yes
    Long Answer: Quickly kill him

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