I'll say! I saw it skip from 9-13-2007 to 1-21-2012. Four-and-a-half years! How did you guys even find this, considering that neither character has been relevant to the manga for at least 200+ chapters?!

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all it would take is the tiniest bit of poison and sasori would win. sasori clearly the older and more experienced of the two, it should be obvious why he was the superior.
Experience trumps most in Naruto battles, so point definitely Sasori. Also, he was far more level-headed in battle than Deidara, even as the battle turned against him--he's one of the few characters to not completely lose their shit (looking at you, Itachi >_>) in that situation. Furthermore, Deidara's explosives may have lacked the intensity to get through Sasori's initial defensive puppet, or even his "borrowed" Iron Sand techniques. A little sand mixed into Deidara's clay, and the fate is sealed.

There's no way Deidara wins the match-up.

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You guys realize this thread was last posted in 2007 !! Epic gravedig but its unlikely anyone will be responding to the quotes.
HA! In your face, POW :-P