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    8 Pages!!!

    He's a dead character!!!

    If you're going to debate - At least debate about characters which actually have a chance of fighting each other :|

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    How about you shut up?!
    Sasori and Deidara are both pimp dead guys...
    In reality Sasori vs Deidara

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    Hmmm interesting proposition; I also like how people are actually debating the issue. I don’t think that there is a real answer to the question. If they fought I would place my money on a tie. Derida’s clay could readily dispose of the puppets, but Sasoris poison would kill Derida in a matter of moments. Also since (assuming) Derida would know Sasoris weak spot he would most likely aim there, a simple explosion would easily eliminate Sasori. Range I think is irrelevant, even if Sasoris puppets can’t reach Derida, the ranged weapons could. A fight between the two would be epic.

    Now I think Sasori is more versatile. His puppet style I believe is far more useful. And can engage more opponents of different styles. Where as Derida is an earth user so a person who used lightning based attack could easily counter Derida. Also since Derida seemes to only have his clay and no taijutsu to speak of he had no fall back weapon where as Sasori has him self. That being said, Deridas explosives are a force to be reckoned with. In the end I think each member is strong in there own way, and for the most part incomparable, or equal.

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    If you blow puppets up they're not of much use anymore, and if you're flying hundreds of meters in the air it's a little hard to reach with chakra strings. Deidara really is the better fighter, though Sasori is much, much better for low-profile missions.

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    Well, this was stated by Deidara himself (I mean that Sasori was his master and that he was evens tronger than him), so I guess you can't discuss so much about that. Sure, he was more experienced and somewhat "immortal", or at leat difficult to kill. I mean, Sasori was Orochimaru's partner, the one who should have killed him, a famous genious, and Deidara was killed by Sasuke, who has beaten Orochimaru thanks to the fact that he was already weakened (he stated this fact himslef). So I guess that yes, Deidara was indeed weaker than Sasori, but I don't think that this would be true if we consider even the last jutsu: if you can evade it (like Sasuke) you are all right, since the user is dead, while if you are hit, you simply die (remember that it's a 10 kilometers explosion, you can't simply run away). Well, Orochimaru survived even Kyubi's blast after all, so I can't make a true ranking, but the fact that Sasori is stornger than Deidara should be pretty clear.

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    This is my opinion on how the fight between the two would be like.

    Deidara gets poisoned. He's dead. The end.

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    sasori just died because he had 2 nightmares as enemy :/
    1st chiyo, as a puppet master rival and nearly endless experience and
    2nd sakura with the antitode for his poison
    sasori was just trapped in a kickass lineup fight so he got pwnt ;/
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    I think Deidara is very underrated. He had a big potential in everything, he could've killed Sasuke if it hadn't been for that stupid plot shield by Kishitroll.
    btw I despise both Sasori and Sasuke, I just can't stand them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samurai View Post
    Deidara has said it himself that Sasori is alot stronger than him. In my opinion Deidara should really be much stronger than Sasori, i mean Deidara managed to beat Gaara, who was a real beast. He also had a very even fight with Sasuke, who managed to beat Orochimaru pretty easily. I´m not saying that Sasori isn´t strong and in fact Sasori is one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. However Chiyo said that Sasori isn´t so good at analyzing his opponents(unlike Deidara).
    So, who is the stronger one, Sasori or Deidara? You decide
    all it would take is the tiniest bit of poison and sasori would win. sasori clearly the older and more experienced of the two, it should be obvious why he was the superior.
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    You guys realize this thread was last posted in 2007 !! Epic gravedig but its unlikely anyone will be responding to the quotes.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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