This thread is about anything pertaining to Magician, theories or discussion.

If you have never heard of this you don't know what you are missing - it is truly a great story and updates weekly (although the current scanners are catching up right now, and normally release a chapter every other day).

The story is about a mage named Iremi who is the granddaughter of the local witch in the small town of Adatt, and Enzu her childhood friend who is a novice swordsmen and son of a acclaimed knight.

One day Iremi spots a infamous 'immortal' mage name Edermask and wanting to see who was stronger challenges him with Enzu (much to Enzu's dismay lol) thus starting a chain of events that lead to the 3 traveling together.

As they begin their journey each of them seeks something different from their journey... Iremi is just there for the ride, Enzu seeks revenge for the murder of his father and Edermask is looking for a manuscript... Withought knowing the dangers their journey might bring them, they set sail to fulfill their hearts desires and uncloak the mystery behind Edermask immortality.