^haha love how you're breaking down the kid first and then welcoming him.

Points of interest:

-Vergo's outcome at the end of this arc; not only has he infiltrated the WG but has also directly threatened it. How will this broadcast of the events (should they actually get shown to the NW) affect his position and even Doflamingo's now that a VA like Smoker knows of their true identities?

-Is Caribou's cover story the pre- or post-FI finale? Are we going to see what he was doing during the impending doom of FI or are we going to see the after story of what he is up to now?

-Will Caesar be defeated by Luffy (as is the tradition of big good vs big bad), or will it be a completely different take or combined effort (such as CHopper!!! or the unified team of Monster Trio, Law, and Smoker), or will Caesar be betrayed himself and be defeated by Vergo (in the latter's attempt to save face within the WG)?