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    One Piece i agree with u luffy has been hel

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosMaster View Post
    Luffy got his first bounty by beating wanted men...... then got his next bounty increase by beating a corrupt Shichibukai....
    i agree with u luffy has been helping the WG but gettin' bounties so I'm not sure it would end today. lol

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    Next chapter must be the action of the pirates in New World and I believe most of them will gathered at Punk Hazard and it will become the new battlefield to the original super stars!
    火影忍者 狐忍

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    Poor law in the one piece, he is careless... Sanji, Zoro, and the samurai, come on.

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    Ok something that i found at another website is really intresting to me check it out!

    Oda love to forshadow things just look at this........

    look at what luffy and chopper said.....both of those things happened

    look at what zoro said........he got a sword there

    also take a look at this.......

    pay attention 2 what brook said.......all of that has happened, well at least the monsters and the curse part.

    now the reason i posted that was because oda has already told us what will happened this arc.....check this page out.

    pay attention to the bottom panel...where the towns people are talking. the island will become a battleground.....

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