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    六代目火影仙人 Rokudaime Sennin ™'s Avatar
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    Bleach Bleach Chapter 499 : "Rescuer In The Dark"

    A bridge towards peace; the will of fire still endures!

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Well the Quincy power was explained quite well here, though they probably have much more then what has been seen.
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    Senior Member playerhm's Avatar
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    So...Ichigo is inside between the worlds? Stopped by a mortally wounded quincy? Seriously, that is a big problem of heroes in general...They usually fail to properly kill people who need to be killed... And to Opie his Majesty is more important than his life?.. Ech.. That Buckbeard really is...a Hitler.
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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    next chapter he probably gonna pop open that cage lol, if only he could have done that this chapter we might actually see him arrivei in soul society

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    For a moment there, I thought that Ishida was waiting between worlds in waiting and tried to snipe Kurosaki's head off ;P.

    So, what now ? Are we going to see Urahara obliterate Opie with his BANKAI ? There's no time to waste, the enemy can no longer steal his bankai (he lost the plate), there is no point in holding back and it's a great moment for Sado to say: "I see, I understand now why it isn't meant for 'training'".

    Oh right forgot to mention something. Is Urahara high tech or what ;P ? Looks like coming to the real world have greatly improved the design of his inventions, they look very technologically advance and not organic like those from SS (Mayuri's design ?).

    I noticed it and it reminded me that there is no normal humans utilizing pure technology to fight spirits/hollows, I was expecting to see some 'Ghost Busters' appear at some point in the story, that would have been quite interesting .

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    Senior Member
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    Man i hate that opie... i knew that in some way he'd use Ransotengai.... this quincies are almost impossible to go down........ so now there are more than 2000 shinigami's unconfirmed dead including kira.......... next there are 16 at least captain class fighters and some of those even exceeds normal captain class.... guessing that old man kyoraku was stronger than average captain class....... and i believe there are more than just 16 here

    Next chapter i expect urahara too destroy kirgie definitely... now its obvious as to what urahara went for hueco mundo... is to study,experiment and analyze the enemy and their gadgets... its a bit slow chapter compared to most within this arc

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    Hahaha did opie just give ichigo another chance to do the space time warp training? Or am i mistaken? Cause it will be pretty badass to see another FGT mode ichigo only that this time im assuming there isn't someone aizen lvl there hence he won't need to actually use mugetsu

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Dammit! Why isn't he dead? I guess to die for one's master is really strong in Opie. And just when you think Ichigo was going to make it Soul Society, caged. There are two things that are a possibility next chapter a) Urahara is going to finish off Opie for good and open back the path for Ichigo and b) Using shear strength Ichigo is going to force that cage open somehow and make his way to SS. When he does get to SS you know he's going to end up where Rukia is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    For a moment there, I thought that Ishida was waiting between worlds in waiting and tried to snipe Kurosaki's head off ;P.
    Me too! I was like come on Ishida show up dammit. But no we got Chad with a hole in his stomach and Ichigo locked in a cage.

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    Senior Member kiduka's Avatar
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    I'm not surprised, Byakuya punched a hole through Tsukishima, he was a human and even he came back fighting.

    This is just Kubo trolling. I hope his not doing this to introduce Ichigo's Hollow powers, it's too early. Urahara needs to take care of Opie and Ichigo needs to bust out quickly.

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    Lol, Isn't it that 1 year inside the Dangai would be 2000 years outside of it? Ichigo could sleep there for three days and nothing would happen.

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