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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Well, ha has an arrow sticking out of his arm, perhaps even chest, let's just say that it slowed him down since those arrows probably destabilize spiritual particles, or just absorb them, still would/could destabilize his reiatsu making him waver/slower.

    It was an energy slash, the only people known to be capable of doing that are: Ichigo, Ishin, Urahara, Ginjou, although for me, it looked like an arrow first, until I saw a zan near Kisuke's face, perhaps it's 2 people and not one ?
    Not a bad theory. Thinking Isshin and Ishida Senior?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post
    anyway,It's Grimmjow's sword.

    Go back and look at some earlier chapters for it.
    Black and white with an abnormal straight blade.
    Kubo drew multiple Arrancars with Regular looking Zanpakutos. Check out Uliquorra's as well. Not sure about others. Just the Hilt appears different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    If so, what the hell is S? And F? And so forth...
    ...You Know?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaara Kazekage View Post
    Not a bad theory. Thinking Isshin and Ishida Senior?
    Answer is:

    Grimjow or Aizen

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    I would throw out Aizen since he was imprisoned and his sword was destroyed
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