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Tobi cannot be the damaged original body of Madara because he was unaware of the mechanisms behind Edo Tensei, while as Madara seemed pretty knowledgeable about it. It is possible however Tobi is a zetsu clone of some sort that Madara chose to only keep certain memories and goals within and not everything. There could be a specific reason Tobi doesn't know much about edo tensei.
Tobi's edo tensei knowledge or lack thereof seems a clear indication that he doesn't have the same knowledge base as Madara and can't be someone who had Madara's brain uploaded into his body. Another thing about Tobi is his attacking limitations, while he freely uses taijutsu and genjutsu to attack, ninjutsu seems to be conspicuously absent from his arsenal. He has what appears to be an unbeatable defence but it seems to come at the cost of not being able to use any ninjutsu - I mean this guy is an Uchiha who wields the rinnegan and yet nary a fire jutsu nor shinra tensei to be seen yet. I still think he's Izuna (with some sort of story that explains how he survived so long after getting eye raped).

btw anyone know if there'll be a chapter this week? was last week's early release because this week is the sakura festival, or the golden, happy sunshine festival? I'm going into withdrawals over here!