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    Actually, we already ended it. @_@; Heck, we even made the sequal! Which sucks! XD

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    Hini grabbed Neji's hand and dragged him along.

    "By the way, Tayo-chan, where are we going?"

    "We're going to the BloodBath NightClub. And before you ask how we're going to get in cause we are underage...I know the bouncer."

    Tayo started as Sakon tossed an arm over Tayo's shoulders.

    "The BloodBath NighClub?" she put her finger on her chin, as if she was recalling something; then an invisable lightbulb lit. "Ah I know that place! My cousin Saki started of as a waitress there, she got promoted so now she's the manager."

    She smirked "Saki eh? I remember her. My sister's friend owns that night club, but she doesnt run it. She only keeps it in business. Saki's boss is Moicha."

    Hini noded "It took her months to make the age limit fair. So now it's 16 or over. Saki also said that Me and my friends could come anytime, free of charge"

    She shrugged "You would have gotten in anyway. I'm always there." She rubbed her head as Sakon tightened his hold "God I need a drink."

    After a while, they arrived at the club. Hini noticed someone familier in there. She sqeeled "Saki-neechan!".

    A girl that looked in her early twentys with long pink hair and dazzling blue eyes. She turned to her friends, introducing her to the boys and the boys to her cousin.

    "Sakon, Neji, this is my cousin, Saki."

    Sakon just nodded to her, looking inside. Tayo snickered and held a hand up "Yo Saki."

    "Tayo-san? Where's your sister?" Saki asked.

    Hini noticed Neji blushing at Saki. "Oi Neji! You better not be falling for my cousin!"

    Tayo shrugged "She said she was going to be here later. Most likely already inside in a corner. You know she can sneek pass you Saki. It usually takes you hours to notice." She stated.

    Sakon was laughing at Neji, who was caught blushing at Saki.

    "That's one of my worst flaws!" she threw her arms up in the air and mumbling something along the lines of "If this keeps happening, I'm gonna lose my job!"

    Hini laughed at her cousin. "That's the least way she handles things." Then she spotted Tayuya.

    "There she is Tayo-chan"

    Tayo shrugged again and went inside, dragging Sakon with her. "Have fun you two!" she called over her shoulder, speaking toward Neji and Hini.

    She looked at him. "Do you have any idea what's going on?" Neji just shrugged.

    Tayo quickly went to the bar, getting some sake. She wanted to get a little drunk after being in that stupid hospital!

    Hini asked Saki when karaoke night was. To her surprise, it was tonight. She was so excited that she told Sakon Neji and Tayo.

    Tayo gave her a look "I dont sing. Never will."

    "Have you ever tried?"

    Tayuya desided to answer this, coming up from behind the small group "Course she has. Dozen of times. Afterwards, she gets hit on by lust filled morons." She stated, chuckling. "Those shit heads get the crap beaten out of them."

    Tayo just rolled her eyes and drank some more sake.

    "Lucky. I've never sang in my whole life."

    She honestly never sang before. She was too afraid that people wouldn't like her singing. Last time she tried, kids were throwing rocks at her.She visably shivered after the memory.

    Neji looked at her, a bit confused "Then why are you so excited?" "And trying to get Tayo to sing." Sakon butted in.

    "I don't know"

    Tayuya and Tayo were sighlently talking. Tayo giving glares toward her sister and her sister just smirked in return. Sighing, Tayo lost what they were talking about and stood up.

    "God damn Tayuya."

    Tayuya just smirked and dragged her sister toward the stage, leaving the other 3 in their wake.

    Hini ran to catch up to the sisters and asked Tayuya what was going on, Tayuya only pointing to the stage as an answer.

    Tayo and Tayuya disappeared quickly. Only to come back on stage. Karaoke was beginning, and they were first in line. Tayo sighed, noticing all the looks the boys where giving her and her twin. Tayuya just HAD to pick this one song. Sighing one last time, she swore to get revenge on her sister. The Music started, it was Beep by the Pussy Cat Dolls. When the song was finished, all of the guys there were staring at Tayo with lust. Sakon just sent death glares at the guys. Tayo hopped off stage, quickly being surrounded by single men. Sakon growled and walked over, grabbing Tayo by the waist and leading her back to the group. Tayuya snickered and went off to find Kimimaru and the others of the gang to hang with them.

    After much persuasion, Neji was able to bring Hini to the machine. It took her a while, but she chose the perfect song. All About Us by T.A.T.U. Hini gulped and Neji just smiled.

    "Dont be so nervous Hini."

    Before Hini knew it, the song started. When she finished, everyone was chearing, much to her amasement. Quickly getting off stage, she ran over to Neji "Did I do good??"

    Neji nodded and brought her into a tight hug, and before he realized what he did, he kissed her. Tayo just smirked and dragged Sakon away from the couple.

    "Hey, Neji-kun, do you know why they keep leaving us?" Hini whispered. Neji just shrugged.

    Tayo dragged Sakon to a corner and watched the couple from there. "Finally. Mission accomplished."

    Sakon gave her a questioning look "Say what?"

    "I've been tryin to get them to kiss kiss for awhile now. Sheesh."

    "Match maker much?"

    Tayo just nodded and Sakon wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, pulling her closer to him.

    Hini heard the entire thing. 'So that's what they were trying to do'. After all of the fun was over, Neji walked Hini back to her house. When she was inside, she saw an envelope with her name on it.

    ::Next day::

    Hini snapped out of her trance, and noticed Tayo reading the note. "What is this?" she heard her ask. "It's a transfer letter" Hini answered.

    Tayo nodded "So your being transfered? So am I."

    "Where to?"

    "Out of the country."

    "I'm being transfered to a high school in America. I know some of them speak japanese, but-" she was cut off by her tears, and ran towards the school and ran into Neji. "I don't wanna go! I finally found people who like me for me!" she cried into his chest.

    "At least you'll be in America. I have to go to flippen Ireland." Tayo stated, leaving toward the building to get her things from her locker, which wasnt much.

    Hini quickly ran off also, intending to do the same. Sakon, who came with Neji, and Neji were left standing outside, wide eyed. They then ran after the girls. Search high and low after not seeing them at their assigned lockers, they checked the rest of the school before running outside in high hopes to catch them. As they got outside, Hini was leaving in a cab, but no Tayo to be found. As the cab drove off, they watched in silence before Neji snapped.

    "I'm going after them! I'm not letting Hini go!" he yelled, calling to a pass by cab.

    Sakon quickly went with him, thinking the same lines as his friend, but for Tayo. After getting to the air port, paying the poor cab man who was forced to rush, and running inside, the first thing heard was..."SouthWest flight to America is now boarding F9." Over the intercome. Neji cursed and ran toward the said location. Meanwhile, Sakon looked at the flight board, looking for Ireland. After about 5 minutes for updates, his eyes held a deep sadden look. Ireland's flight had already left. He walked off to go toward F9. Meanwhile, Neji quickly got to his destination, seeing the only girl he knew with 2 colored hair.


    Hini looked back, her eyes widen before looking away. Before she knew it, she was brought into a hug.

    "Hini, dont go. Dont leave me here."

    Hini stayed sighlent for a few minutes before pushing him away. Quietly, she said, "I'm sorry. But I must go. Nothing can make me stay here." Quickly, she grabbed her things and ran on board, leaving a shocked Neji.

    Sakon walked over to Neji, seeing Hini leaving to the plane. "Come on.." Sakon told his friend, who was like another brother to him. Sighlently and sadly, the two boys left the airport.

    Two planes flew threw the sky and clouds, each one different. On one, a girl with red hair, meaning it was Tayo, sat with her sister. She held the window seat. On the other plane, Hini cried while looking out the window, wondering if she would ever see her friends again.


    Thats the last chapter. X.x; Hope ya all like it. I had to finish the ending cause I never saved it from our chat room. Though, it gave me a chance to change some things to make it a little better and fit. I'll have pictures of what we used for the OC characters.



    Yes, I KNOW these are just edited pictures of Hinata and Tayuya, but meh, I was having fun. Color edit by me in PS CS2. Note to self, hate doing multicolor haired girls! >_<
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    Just read the first two messages, it's good

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    haha. thanks. ^_^

    and yea, I didnt like the ending, but we really ran out of ideas for this. >.< we are so lame!

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