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    Can school get any rougher? -Naruto FF-

    AN: Before you ask, this was a 2 person RP my friend and I did. During it, we desided to turn it into a story cause it was going pretty good. On FF.Net, its 2 chapters so far. We are still working on it! Btw- We were super bored and we made O/C's and pairings. @.@ Can you blame us!?

    Rating: T for minor cussing.

    Disclaimer: We do NOT own Naruto. But boy do we wish we did...>.<;
    Tayo Miniga, a girl with long red hair and brown eyes walked to the gates of her school, sighing. She was bored, but who could blame her. "KAMI KILL ME NOW!"

    Hini Awasuchi, a girl with short red and purple hair and green eyes was walking to school like she normally does. She then spots a girl with red hair shouting. "Um, why are you shouting?"

    Tayo jumped, not expecting to be caught yelling at god knows what and turned to look at who was talking to. She looked at Hini, then around before pointing to herself to try to get rid of her embarassment the hard way "Me?"

    Hini nodded comfirmently, "Yes, you were shouting 'KAMI KILL ME NOW' and i was concerned."

    She laughed nervously. "hehe. Sorry. I just, really hate school. Expessially new schools." She sighed "My sister ditched me. Stupid shit head sister." She mummbled that last sentence, not caring if it was heard.

    She giggled at the her antics. "Oh, I almost forgot." She stuck out her hand. "My name is Hini Awasuchi. And who is your sister? Maybe I've heard of her."

    She smirked a little and took her hand, shaking it lightly "Im Tayo Miniga. As for my sister, she is Tayuya Miniga. We're twins and we just moved here, so I don't think you know here."

    Hini smiled, she was happy to meet someone new. "I may not know her, but my friend, Shikamaru, knows her. I think he said that he just called her 'troublesom' and she lashed out on him. When he was in the hospital, he said that she was a man in desguise as a woman." Again she laughed remembering what Shika looked like in bandages.

    She snorted in amusement. "Tayuya told me about a guy that said that. I was off getting ice cream when that happened." Tayo then frowned "Seeing as we're twins, remind me to kick his ass too. Anything insulted on her is an insult to me."

    She the smirked. "Good luck finding him, he moved away a few monthes ago. No one really knows where he is now." Hini then frowned. "He was my only friend here. Now it's like starting all over again, only everyone here throws stuff at me and call me 'Bi-haired freak'." After she said that she stared to cry.

    She frowned and walked over to the girl, Hini "Dont worry about it. I'll be your friend Hini. And if those shit heads think about trying anything, contact me and I'll beat the fucking shit out of them." She smirked, getting a nice evil look in her eyes.

    She smiled despite her tears falling down her pale cheeks. "A-Arigatou, Tayo-san." She was, for the first time in her life, felt safe. "Do you have your scedual with you?" she asked hopefully. She didn't want to get beat up when she was in a different class.

    Tayo blinked, then nodded slowly and digged in her VERY messy school bag.

    Hini sweatdroped at the action that Tayo was doing. She then noticed a slip of paper hanging inbetween the zipper threads. She took the papper and asked,

    "Is this it?"

    She turned to look at the paper, grabbing it and a faint blush came to her face and she hid it in her black baggy jean pockets "No." Tayo then continued to dig before she pulled out a half sheet of paper and skimmed it before handing it to Hini "This is it."

    She read over the writting and sighed in relief. Tayo had all but 2 classes with her. The classes were Free period and Social Studies. After she reread the schedual, she handed it back to her. "You have all but 2 classes with me!" She was so happy that she was thinking about jumping on her and hugging her until she turned blue, and she did just that.

    She stiffened at the hug, not used to them since a few things happened years ago. "Uh..ok."

    "Gomen, it's just that when I'm happy, I do unprodictable things" She blushed out of embarassment. "Oh, that remind me, you have to stay away from 2 people here.

    Tayo blinked a little "And who would those two people be?"

    Hini turned to face her. "One of them is Sasuke Uchiha, his good looks make up for his emotions. If you try to ask him a question, he'll just say 'hn' or just ignore you. The second one is Naruto Uzumaki. He has no parents, so he lives with his perverted unkle. He tries to hit on the pretty girls, he used to hit on my sister Ani, but then Sakura Haruno came along and he's been bugging her ever since. Those are the most dangerous, the rest are seemingly harmless." After the explaination, she turned to walk insid the school.

    She snorted and followed her new friend "Yea right. I'll kick their ass if they try anything."

    Hini then stopped dead in her tracks, her tone now serious. "This school may not be bad for you and Tayuya, but it's bad to the weak. Namely me!" Most of the people stopped and looked at the girl who was normally quiet in shock. Hini the realised what she just said. "I'm so sorry!" she yelled and ran off.

    Tayo blinked and shrugged, going off to find a tree to sit in and sleep till school began.

    When the bell rang, Hini was first in the class, as always, and instead of sitting in the front like she normally does, she chose to sit in the back. After a while she became bored and took out her mom's favorite drawing pad. 'Mom, why did you have to die? Things were alot easier to deal with when you were around. Now I'm alone' she held in some tears, and started drawing her mom's favorite flower, sakura blossoms. She didn't even notice someone sitting next to her.

    Tayo walked into the class and sat in the back by a window, gazing out. She then looked around, noticing Hini and someone by her, sitting down. She raised a brow and acted like she didnt notice

    When she finished her picture, it actually looked pretty good. "Hey that's pretty cool! Where'd you learn to draw like that!" Hini was shocked that someone was talking to her. She turned around to be in the face of Naruto Uzumaki. "What do you want" she spat. Naruto put on a perveted grin on. "Oh, I just came to ask you out on a date." he answered, his hand secretly trying to squeeze a breast. Hini, having noticed this, punched him him square in the face sending him to the other side of the classroom, almost hitting someone, and broke through the glass.

    She leaned back on instincted and watched the boy fly threw the window and chuckled before turning toward Hini "And you think yourself as a week girl do ya Hini?"

    She turned to who was saying those words and replied, "Didn't I finish? I ment to say that I'm weak without reason." She smirked and walked over to where Tayo was sitting, and sat next to her. This year was gonna be interesting.

    She snicked under her breath and turned to look out the window.

    :: P E ::

    Tayo walked to her PE class, going straight for the locker room

    Following close behind her, was Hini. After they changed, there was a giant circle arount a bandaged up Naruto. "What's going on?" she just had to ask. Then Naruto shouted, "THAT'S HER! THAT'S THE GIRL WHO PUNCHED ME OUT THE WINDOW!" Everyone was staring at her. She was very uncomfortable and turned to Tayo for help.

    Tayo chuckled and glared at everyone, making sure each and every one of them turned away "Hey. Shit heads. Look off before you find outself like the orange moron here!"

    All of the students looked at Naruto and gulped. Just when everything was settled, someone jumped through the doors 'There goes our 17th door set'. Hini jumped because there was something she forgot to say. "Tayo-san! Sheild your-" "Hey everybody! Life treatin' you good?" interrupted the PE teacher, Gai-sensei

    Tayo looked at the teacher, glaring at him. He was WAY to happy for her standards

    Hini noticed her glaring at Gai. "Don't worry the worst has yet to come."

    She sighed and leaned against a nearby wall "Yay...I cant wait.." she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

    Just then Lee came up shouting "Gai-sensei!" and Gai is shouting "Lee!" and then Lee ran up and gave Gai a hug. Just then a sunset appeard. She was getting sick of it so she took off her black and pink sneaker and threw it at Lee, thus knocking him out.

    She smirked and looked around, noticing some kids giving her looks. Most were guys with lust in their eyes and some were girls, giving her glares. Her eyes narrowed at a boy with dark bluish black hair that was glaring at her. "Oi. Hini. Who's dark emo boy over there?"

    She looked at where she was pointing, and she answered "That's Sasuke Uchiha, the one I tood you about."

    She nodded and glared at the boy, daring him to try and start with her "He's signing his own death wish."

    When Tayo started glaring at him, he got up and walked over to Hini. "Yo." Now she was glaring at him. "What do you want, TEME!" she shouted. "Just to ask you out." his hand was secretly trying to squeeze a beast (geez, deja vu, no?) Hini saw this coming and him into a wall, thus leaving a dent. "I know your type Uchiha! You're just as peverted as Naruto. If not MORE!" Sasuke got ticked and grabbed her neck and started sufficating her. "Don't you EVER compare me to him!" he spat. "What's wrong Uchiha, hit a nerve?" with that said, Sasuke squeezed harder.

    She glared and the Uchiha, kicking him into a far off wall and stalked up to him "Uchiha. You better learn your place. If I EVER see you touch my friend again, you'll wish you never ment me." Grabbing the boy by his shirt, she brought him eye and leaned in by his ear "Also, boy, if you ever try anything toward her that I hear...and trust me, I WILL know, you'll get...hurt. And no I dont mean a slap." Dropping him to the ground, she stalked back over to the wall and leaned against it, looking at Hini at the corner of her eye "If that boy trys anything anymore, tell me. I'll give him..a lesson he wont ever forget."

    She nodded in approval and then passed out due to air loss.

    Catching her friend, she tossed her on her back and headed out of the class, not giving a damn if the teacher cared or not. What she didnt notice was a boy coming in the door the same time she was going out, successfully running into him. She glared "Move it shit head!"

    When she woke up, and could see clearly, she saw Tayo and a boy standing next to her bed. "H-hey Tayo-san. What happend? and who's he?" she asked still feeling groggy.

    Tayo ignored her friend and pushed pass the guy, who happen to have a friend with him, so she pushed passed both.


    "Well what?"

    "What happend? and who are these people?" she asked again, not giving up.

    "The Uchiha-teme tried some bull shit. And how in the HELL am I supposed to know who they were? I'm the new student, not you."

    "Oh ya, I forgot about that." she mumbled. She then took a good look at them, she smiled and said, "The guy in front is Neji Hyuuga. and the guy behind him is Sakon Hamaru."

    She nodded and took Hini off her back and walked off, intending on ditching the PE class. "Sakon eh? Pretty cute." She mummbled, not realizing she said it aloud

    Hini giggled. "Don't worry Tayo-san, I won't tell anyone"

    Tayo froze "W-What?"

    "You said that statement out loud" and she started giggling again

    She paled and walked off quickly "YOU HEARD NOTHING!"

    "Whatever you say Tayo-san, whatever you say." she said quietly and tried to catch up with her. 'Though Neji looked kinda cute'
    A/N: Will be in 3 post cause Post character limits.

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    Sakon watched the girls "Whats with that bitch red head?"

    Neji shrugged. 'That Hini girl looked kinda cute' as he thought that, he started to blush.

    Sakon looked at his friend, raising a brow "Whats with the blush Neji?"

    He looked at a nearby mirror, and he was, indeed, blushing. "Nothing" and started to walk away.

    He laughed at Neji "Yea right! Which girl?"

    "Hini" he said loud enough for only him to hear. Anyone else would've only heard him murmer

    He laughed full out "That..that shy girl?"

    Neji was now so red, people would've mistaken him for a tomato. "Well, you like the new girl!"

    He stopped laughing and glared at him "Where the hell did you get that idea!?"

    He smirked. "I saw how you were looking at her. You were blushing when she pushed you aside." 'I mainly said that to shut you up'

    His eye twitched and he walked off, not realizing it was the same way as the girls.

    He smirked and walked into their next class, which Hini and Tayo were in. Sakon was in all but two of his classes. When he walk by, he overheard the girls talking about what happend in PE. He and Sakon just happend to hear.

    Sakon cursed and sat at a far off seat

    Neji couldn't help but ask. "What's wrong Sakon?"

    "Nothing Neji."

    "You wouldn't be cursing if it was nothing"

    He smirked "But I always curse my friend"

    "Not without a reason, and you're also huffing in the corner"

    He glared "Shut up. Before I tell Hini about your little crush on her."

    Neji was mad now. "I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON HER!!!!" and everyone stared at him, even Hini and Tayo

    Sakon smirked "Mmhm."

    Neji was venting off now, the he heard a voice. "Neji-san, Who don't you have a crush on?" He turned around to answer the question, but he stopped when he saw it was Hini standing behind Tayo. 'Oh shit' echoed throughout his head.

    Tayo smirked " you have a crush on my little friend Hini?" Sakon flat out laughed, enoying his friends embarassment

    "N-no" he answered. and Hini, being nieve as she is, believed him. He noticed the disappiontment in her eyes.

    Tayo glared, noticing the look.

    Neji noticed the glare aimed at him. Then he got an idea. "Hey Tayo! Sakon's got something to say to you

    Sakon looked at Neji "What do you mean Neji?" Tayo looked at them, raising a brow "Uh huh?"

    Neji gave a look that that said 'Go ahed, tell her'

    Sakon raised a brow, questioning him again.

    He weent up to his ear and whispered what he ment

    Sakon glared and punched his friend in the arm "WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GET THESE IDEAS!?"

    "Genius, remember?"

    Tayo looked at the boys, then Hini as if asking her if he could understand them. Sakon looked at the girls then smirked "Fine. I'll at least be more then a man then you are."

    Sakon stood from his steat and walked over to Tayo "Tayo-CHAN. How about I take you out this Friday?"

    Hini was shocked. She never expected THAT! And Neji Didn't expect him to do it!

    Tayo looked at Sakon, then Hini and Neji, then back to Sakon 'Um..." She turned her head away "Whatever"

    Hini fell anime style. Neji went over to pick her up. As he did that, she looked elated.

    Sakon smirked and nudged Neji, non to gentally.

    "So, I'll see you friday night?" he asked her. Hini nodded 10 mile a minute.

    "How about we just make this thing a double date?" Sakon questioned, looking at Tayo, who was staring out the window.

    Hini nodded in agreement, then she nudged Tayo in the side. Unaware that people were watching them, and how much strength she used.

    Tayo blinked and looked at Hini "What?"

    "Do you agree to the double-date?"

    "Yea..sure" She closed her eyes and listened to the bell, singling the end of school. She grabbed her bag and headed for the door, running into a girl that looked like herself

    Neji, who was walking next to Hini, said "Woah! I'm seeing double!"

    The girl looked at Neji and glared "Shut up shit head! Tayo. Come on." Tayo smirked "Sure Tayuya." Tayo looked behind her, seeing Neji and Sakon shocked before looking at Hini "See ya Hini."

    "Bye Tayo!" she yelled. She then turned to the boys next to her. "They're twins"

    Tayo nodded and left with her sister, who gave the boys a death glare. Sakon looked at Hini and nodded "Makes sence. I have a twin also."

    "Me too. Her name is Ani," Neji first looked at Sakon, then Hini, and he finally shouted "DOES EVERYON I KNOW HAVE A TWIN!" Hini and Sakon just looked at him funny.

    Sakon laughed "I guess..." Sakon then desided to leave "See ya Neji."

    And thus leaving the two alone. "Ano, Neji-san, do you mind if you walk me home?" Neji just nodded.

    :With Tayo:

    Tayo and her sister, Tayuya, walked toward an ally, where a group of boys and girls where sitting and standing. Most had a cig in their mouth or pollishing their weapons. Tayo raised a hand "Yo." Some looked up and smirked. Tayuya went to the back and leaned against the wall, her sister following suit. Both the girls were now smoking, but could careless. Tayo took it out of her mouth for a second, looking up at the sky. Some reason, she was fasinated with the night sky. Sighing, she put the drag back in her mouth and let it hang a bit.

    When Neji was walking with Hini to her house, she spotted someone familier. "Tayo? Is that you?"

    Tayo looked up, and took the cig out for a second "Yea. Whats up?" She questioned, putting the cig back in its place.

    She ran over to Tayo and smacked her in the face.

    Tayo's head didnt even move, nor did she flinch. She was used to getting hits. Sighing, she looked at the gang she was in getting up, ready to attack Hini. "Hini. Get out of here."

    Hini couldn't take this any more. "Why? So I can another person close to me die befor my very eyes! I don't care what these people do to me! I'm not letting my best friend die!" Neji watched in astonishment at her outburst.

    Tayuya laughed "Girl. If you know whats best for ya-" Tayo cut her sister off. "Shut it Tayuya. And Hini. Shut the fuck up. Leave. Go home. Unless you want to die. Kimimaru's been looking for someone to hurt for awhile."

    "Like I care what happens to me! My dad was abusisive father who beat me within an inch of my life. My mom was a smoking addict after my dad died! Now you know! That's why I don't want my friend to die that way too." After she was done, she ran to her house as Neji followed.

    ::End Chapter 1::

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    Tayuya laughed "Girl. If you know whats best for ya-"
    Tayo cut her sister off. "Shut it Tayuya. And Hini. Shut the fuck up. Leave. Go home. Unless you want to die. Kimimaru's been looking for someone to hurt for awhile."

    "Like I care what happens to me! My dad was abusisive father who beat me within an inch of my life. My mom was a smoking addict after my dad died! Now you know! That's why I don't want my friend to die that way too." After she was done, she ran to her house as Neji followed.
    -End Recap-

    Tayo just watched her leave "At least she has a parent."

    Sakon was walking down the street Hini was running down "Woh. Hini, Neji. Wheres the fireworks?"

    Hini just ran right past him. Neji stopped and told him the whole story. Sakon blinked, then blinked again.

    "Tayo's in a gang!?"

    He nodded. Sakon dragged Neji toward where the ally he spoke of, wanting to see for himself. When he got there with the dragged Neji, no one was there. Not even a rat. No signs of anyone.

    ::Next Day::

    Hini was walking misurably down the hallways of school. Thingking that she was an idiot telling off Tayo like that. Tayo, and her sister...surprisingly, where walking down the street. Neither glanced up at the walking Hini, instead of just walking inside. They had the same classes. Tayo went straight for the window seat and sat down while Tayuya went a seat behind her that was all shadowed down.

    Having heard of the last statement she said last night, she went up to Tayo and said, "You said that I at least had a parent, well, on the day you joined school here, she died of lung cancer."

    She bent her head down to hide her tears.

    "I just wanted you to understand that" with that said, she walked back to her seat.

    "Hini." She stated "Do you know whats like to never have parents?"

    Hini turned to look at Tayo tears now seen on her face. "No I don't." And she continued to walk back to her desk.

    Tayo sighed and turned to her sister, not really wanting to start anything at the moment. After the bell rang, Hini was the first one out of the classroom. As soon as she reached her locker, she was grabbed and and bagged by a white haired man. Tayo walked out and noticed this, narrowing her eyes.


    Hini was screaming at the top of her lungs for him to let go, but he had a firm grip on the bag. Tayo walked over and smacked Kimimaru on the back of his head.

    "Let her go Kimi. Before I kick your ass to hell and back."

    She glared, not noticing Sakon, Neji, and Tayuya coming over. Hini was loseing air FAST. Then something her captor drop the bag. When she hit the ground, her head seemed a little heavier than usual. When the bag was off her, she passed out. Tayo smirked at Kimimaru, knowing she won that battle.

    "What the hell were you doing anyway?"

    Kimimaro pointed to Tayuya as if he was saying 'It was her idea'

    Tayuya glared "WHAT THE HELL!? You fucking shit head! Dont blame it on me! Your just mad cause she hit Tayo cause-"

    Tayo cut her off by putting a hand on her mouth. Neji was just standing next to an astonished Sakon. After a while, he went over and brought Hini to the nurse's office. Sakon just watched

    "Cause what?"

    Tayo looked over at him and looked away. Tayuya, not passing up the chance, took her sisters hand off her mouth.


    Sakon fell down, passing out in the process.

    "I'm not taking him with me. Really." Neji stated.

    Tayo glared at her sister, telling her sighlently she would get her back for this. She walked over to were Sakon was and shook him.

    "Sakon. Up and adam"

    After violent shaking he raised his head, noticing that his lips were touching Tayo's. Tayo stiffened when their lips touched. After the shock wore off, she leaned into it. Kimimaru watched all this happening, glaring at Sakon with murder in his eyes. Sakon smirked and kissed Tayo full on.

    In the nurses office, Hini was starting to wake up. When her vision was clear enough, she noticed that Neji was only inches away from her face. Due to reflexes, she screamed her full head off. When she was done, she heard two people curse really loudly in the hallway. Sakon broke the kiss after a couple minutes, but would have gone longer if Hini didn't scream, smirking at Tayo, who's eyes were glazed over. Kimimaru picked up Sakon, pulling his fist back.

    "You bastard!" Kimimaru was about to punch Sakon, only for his hand to be caught.

    "Kimi. Back off." Tayo growled out.

    Hini and Neji came over to the gang. Then Kimimaru ran over to punch Hini, forgetting all about Sakon. She easly caought the punch and said, "Don't. Piss. Me. Off!"

    She squeezed his fist, fracturing a few bones. Then, she threw him upwards and kicked him in the gut, sending him flying. Tayo frowned. As much as she didnt love Kimimaru, she was her friend. Tayuya walked over to Kimi and helped him up, forcing him to walk with her. She winked at Tayo and the two disappeared.

    Sakon looked at Hini "Where did the blunt strength come from?"

    "To be completely honest, I think I was born with this strength. I was just to afraid to use it. I lost some of my best friends this way. I would understand if you wouldn't want to be around me anymore." Then she dissappeared the same way Tayo did before the others could react.

    ::End of Day::

    Tayo walked out of the school building, heading to the ally. She noticed a few people there. Turning to Tayuya, she asked where they were, but was only replied with a shrug. Shrugging herself, she took out a cig and sat down at the end of the ally. Lighting the drag, she let it hang loose from her mouth like other days. Kimimaru noticed she was there and walked over, intending to get her to talk to him. Hini was walking back to her house. Passing the same ally again, she noticed that they were there again. She looked at them in dissappointment and continued walking to her lonely house. Tayo got up, noticing she was passing by. She slipped by Kimimaru and caught up to Hini.


    "Hey" Her normal life filled eyes were no dull and empty.

    She took out the cig, holding it in her hands.

    "Look kid. I know your disappointed, but that wont stop me. Look, I wont die by this peice of shit anyway. To stubborn."

    When she didn't say anything, Tayo turned and walked away. Before Hini knew it she was hugging her from behind.

    "Please promis me that you won't die" she pleaded letting tears stream down her face.

    Tayo nodded "Promise. Now get home. Its dangerous out at night. Most cause the gang I'm in get riled up."

    She walked away, putting the cig back in her mouth and waving to Hini from behind "See ya."

    She waved. But unknown to her, something bad would happen the next morning.

    ::Next Day::

    As Tayo was walking across the street, she saw the green man that indicated to walk, so she did. She heard a car horn and screetching sounds. Looking to her right, she saw a car speeding toward her. She wanted to move, but she couldn't. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground before consiousness left her. When Hini was about to leave her house, she heard the phone ring. She picked it up, surprised that it was the hosptal. After the call ended, she dropped all of her things and ran to the hosptal, Almost running into Neji and Sakon in the process. Sakon noticed she was in a hurry.

    "Whats the rush this time?"

    "TAYO'S IN THE HOSPITAL!" was all she said.

    Sakon's eyes widen before taking off toward the hospital, Neji following.When they reached the hospital all three of them screamed "TAYO-CHAN!" and ran to her side, after earning quite some stares from people.

    The doctor looked at them, surprised at the sudden appearance. "Excuse me. Please keep it down. She's in a critical condition."

    Hini was taken back at the words the doctor said, "Please, tell me what happend to her." she pleaded.

    The doctor looked at the girl, then the two boys with her and sighed.

    "So far, all we know is that she was hit by a car. We dont know how, but it happened. That being said, we found something on her back when we were dressing her wounds. It was a large scar. From her right shoulder blade to the left hip bone. We can tell it wasnt from the car accident. It looks old, but it reopened. She lost a lot of blood and could very well die if anything happens to her."

    She gasped at the description. She looked down as if she was in deep thought.

    She brought her head up and said, "I'll do it"

    Sakon and Neji looked at their friend, even the doctor looked confused. "Do what?"

    "I'm gonna be her body guard."

    That did it, they all fell anime style. Sakon got up and gave Hini a weird look "Hini. No offence, but I doubt she'll let--"

    Sakon was cut off by a groan from the bed. Looking over, they noticed Tayo shift a bit and mummble "Would you shit heads keep it down." It was more of a command then a question.

    ::End Chapter::

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    ::Chapter 3::

    All three of them just looked at her. "She's awake?" all three of asked.
    Tayo glared at them "No shit."

    "Well even if you're awake, you're still in critical condition. It'd be best if you didn't move for a week or two." the docter explained.

    Tayo ignored the man, sitting up while ignoring the pain in her side and on her back. After being sucessful, she glared full on at the doctor, daring the man to tell her that she had to stay. She had WAY better things to do then be around a hospital. Hini was so worried, that she had to cry.

    "Tato-chan you baka! You had us all worried! I was..was afraid that..that you wouldn't keep..kep your promise!" she shouted through her tears. 'Everyone must think I'm a cry-baby now, so far, it's only the third day, and I cried everyone of them!'

    Tayo looked at Hini, then the boys - who were giving the girls weird looks cause they had no idea what was going, and back to Hini. Rubbing her head, she mummbled something about needing a cigerate and some sake.

    "Hini, I keep my promises. When I told you I was to stubborn to die by a cig, I mostly ment I AM stubborn to die by anything."

    Sakon looked at Tayo, blinking a bit "You smoke?!"

    Tayo just nodded and continued to rub her head.Hini managed to keep the tears under control now and walked back to the boys.

    "Well, I'm glad you're ok. If there's anything you want me to do, I'll do it. Except get you ciggerets and sake, you can leave that to Sakon."

    After she finished she winked at Tayo as if saying 'I'm willing to do this for you, only if you limit yourself'. Tayo smirked at her friend and looked out the window. Sakon looked back and forth between the girls and turned to Neji.

    "I'll never understand girls."

    Hini answered the questions between the lines. "And you never will!" she said happily.

    "Well Tayo, the least you can do stay here tonight, and we'll see how the results are." the doctor said.

    "We'll visit you after school today, ok?"

    Tayo nodded subconsiously while Sakon and Neji walked out of the room. Hini gave her one last look before catching up with her new friends. She really didn't mean to cry that time, though concern overfilled her.

    She then ran to cath up with Sakon and Neji shouting, "Wait up!"

    Sakon smirked and kept walk, moving faster, "Yea Neji. Wait up for your girlfriend!"

    She caught the mocking in his voice and ran as fast as she could. To all of the people she was passing by, she looked like a blur. When she caught up, she did a flying kick toward Sakon, thus knocking him down.

    "Caught ya."

    Sakon stood up and glared at Hini, "Bitch!"

    Hini hit him on the head. Hard. Sakon walked off, rubbing his head while mummbling about girls and wishing they would go off and leave him alone. She giggled. Sakon and Tayo did make a great couple. They both have short tempers, entertain themselves, and they like each other. But she wondered what she and Neji had in common.

    "Um Neji? What do we have in common? You know me really well cause I talk alot, but I don't know you."

    Sakon, having his keen hearing, picked up on this. He snickered, waiting for Neji to answer the question. Neji was taken back by the sudden question. "Uh, well...we, um...we both..."

    Hini saw how he was having trouble answering the question, so she looked down in disappiontment.

    Sakon desided to help out a little, "You both like Ice Cream. And Neji may not show it, but he's strong." He put a had to his chin, thinking a bit "Also studer a lot."

    Neji had an anime vein pop out. "Don't hurt yourself Sakon."

    Sakon just smirked then it got a little bigger "Why Neji...I didnt know you cared."

    Hini giggled at the two. They were definatly entertaining. When they left the hospital, she sneezed. 'Someone must be talking about me'

    Sakon walked ahead of Hini and Neji, leaving them alone and walked off to his first class as they got to the school grounds. It was just those two again. She was about to say something until, "Ah! Neji-kun! Long time no see!"

    The new couple tured to look at who made the sound. It was Neji's old girfriend Tenten, with her friend, and Sakon's ex, Ino. Ino and TenTen ran up to the two, TenTen glomping Neji in the process.

    "Hey Neji-kun" She purred out.

    Ino looked around "Where is Sakon-kun?"

    "None of your buisness Ino! GET OFF ME TENTEN!" he screamed.

    Hini tried to back away, but she was caught by Ino. "Who's this bitch?"

    She then saw Sakon walkby to see what was going on, and screamed, "Sakon-kun!"

    Sakon stiffened at the voice. He knew that voice. He DREADED that voice! Turning, he saw his worst nightmare and quickly moved as she went to tackle him, which successfully made her hit the ground. Sakon looked at Neji, seeing him trying to get TenTen off him. Walking over, he plucked the girl off his friend and dropped her a little ways from them.

    Ino sat up and rubbed her butt "Why did you move Sakon-kun..?"

    Sakon grunted in response. Neji was still mad that they called Hini a bitch. He turned around to see if she was ok, but as soon as he looked at her, he noticed a death aura around Hini. Sakon was still clueless on what happened.

    "Neji, what the hell are these skanks doing here anyway?" Sakon asked, turning to his friend.

    Neji was still looking at Hini so Sakon looked and also noticed the death aura. Neji was frightened, but he wouldn't admit it. He then heard Hini speak.

    "You!" her voise was dripping with venom. "How DARE you call me a BITCH! I'll give you one chance to apoogize!"

    Ino looked at the girl and snorted "Yea right. A slut like you trying to whore off on our man."

    Ino sneered in disgust and nodded to TenTen. The girls walked off, laughing as they turned the corner and went inside the building. Sakon and Neji looked at Hini, backing away. 'Thank god I got off.' Sakon thought, remembering that he himself called her a bitch, but he had a good excuse. Hini was steaming now!


    She ran like she did in the hospital, a blur in normal vision. She caught up with girls and punched them both in the stomaches. But it didn't stop there. After she punched them, she picked them up and punched them with half of her strength, makeing them fly past Neji and Sakon. She ran to them again, threw them upwards and did a round-house kick. They flew back a little, and before she could finish them off, she was held back by two people, Neji and Sakon.

    'Jeezish. She kicked those girl's ass. Thank god I'm not at the end of her kicks and punches at the moment.' Sakon thought. Neji was thinking the same thing and a shiver ran up his spin.

    Neji and Sakon dragged the girl off to their class. Hini was mad that they dragged her away for giving what the girls deserved.

    "DAMNIT YOU TWO! LET ME GO!" She yelled, thrashing about, trying to get loose.

    Sakon sighed and pushes hard on the back of her neck, rendering the girl unconsious.

    "Neji, you have one very violent girlfriend.."

    Hini subconciously said, "I'm not violent" and Neji and Sakon sweatdropped.

    ::End of School Day::

    Hini was dragging Neji to where Sakon was. She didn't even stop, she just grabbed his wrist and dragged him along too. "Come on guys! Tayo's waiting for us!"

    Sakon grumbled, not liking the dragment "Jeez. You act like your in love with Tayo."

    She stopped dead in her trackes, making the boys bump into her. "I'm not. I'm just really excited to see her!"

    she giggled again and started running, even faster than she had before. When she was at the hospital, every sharp turn ended up hitting Sakon and Neji in the face. When the arrived at Tayo's room, the boys hit one last wall. Sakon grumbled and stood up, rubbing his head. Tayo didnt ecknowlege their presence, staring out the window while looking lost in thought. Sakon got a nice idea and stalked over to the bed.

    Hini noticed that Sakon was trying to sneak up on Tayo, but she didn't want him to get beaten up so she yelled, "Tayo-chan!! We're here!"

    Tayo then turned around to see Sakon falling to the ground anime style.Tayo looked down at Sakon and smirked "What were you up to Sakon?" She asked.

    Sakon just stood up and shrugged, snagging the chair that was by her bed and sat down.

    "Tayo-chan! You'll never guess what happened before school today!"

    Neji froze on the spot, recalling what happened, and visably shivered. Tayo looked at Hini with a blank look then gave an amused, teasment look.

    "You lit the boys on fire?"

    "No try again"

    Neji was trying despertly to stop her.Sakon got up and put a hand over Hini's mouth, glaring down at the girl. Tayo just sighed and stood up, not giving a damn about the pain on her back and removed Sakon's hand.

    "Do tell Hini. If the guys are freaking out, then it has to be good."

    Hini told Tayo the story from Ino and TenTen to when Sakon knocked her out. Tayo nodded and grabbed her clothes that were by the bed. She didnt give a damn about where she undressed, getting changed then and there.

    "I'm so not staying in this hell hole."

    Hini smirked. "Let me guess, going to the gang hangout?"

    Tayo looked at her, giving her a look that clearly said 'duh.' and tossed on her shirt, ignoring the now beat red faced boys.

    She shrugged. "Ok, just remember to limit yourself."

    Hini was trying to snap the boys out of it, so she hit Sakon at the top of his head, and kissed Neji on the lips for a brief moment. Sakon glared at Hini before dragging Tayo off, ignoring the kissing couple. Tayo let herself be half dragged and she half walked. 'Limit myself my ass...' she thought to herself. Hini was lucky enough to find an alternate route to her house. That way, she didn't have to see Tayo smockeing with her gang. So tonight she wouldn't have to worry about her, visibly. Tayo and Sakon walked toward where Tayo met the gang. Sakon wasnt going to leave, mostly cause Kimimaru would be around. Tayo looked to her right, looking at Sakon before looking foward and pulling out her cell phone. She remembered hacking into the school data base and called Hini. She and the gang planned to go to a club they pratcially owned.

    Hini got home and heard the phone ring, picking it up "Hello?"

    "Hini, its Tayo."

    "Oh, what do you want?" Hini asked, trying to not sound immitating.

    Tayo smirked "The gang and I are going out to a club tonight. Wanna come?" What Hini didnt know was that she was planning something for her friend and Neji. "Neji is going to be there."

    She froze at Neji's name. "Sure I'll come, what time do I have to be there?"

    Tayo's smirk widen and she winked at Sakon. "Just be at the ally at 8 tonight. Be there. Do NOT be late!" She scolded before hanging up. Sakon put an arm around Tayo's shoulder and smirked.

    "And you said Neji was going to be there..why?"

    "Cause, I plan for him to be there. And he wont say no. Gimme his number."

    Sakon blinked and gave it to her. She told Neji the same thing, cept that Hini would be there and he agreed right away. Looking smug, she hung up and whistled 'innocently'

    "I love parties."

    It was 7: 23, she was 7 minutes early. She decided to go over what she wore. She had two barretts in one part of her hair. She was wearing a dark blue tank top that went down enough to show her belly button, and a light purple skirt that went 3 inches above her knees. Her arms were covered by fingerless fish-net sleeves, and she had boots that went up below the knees. She thought it was a pretty good outfit at the time, but now she was having second thoughts. Well, no turning back now. She opend the door to find many guys staring at her with lust-filled eyes. She was trying desperatly to find Tayo. Tayo was leaning on the wall just outside the ally with Neji and Sakon. Tayo was wearing black baggy hip huggers and a black belly tank top that said "I kicked your boyfriends ass. Not sorry" in red letters. She wore black combat boots and fingerless gloves. Sakon was wearing black baggy shorts and a long black baggy shirt. He had his hands in his pockets, staring at the skater shoes that were on his feet as he kicked some pebals. Lastly was Neji. He wore ripped up dark blue jeans and a white shirt. On his left wrist was a black wrist band.

    Neji was the first to notice Hini coming and his jaw literally dropped to the ground.

    After Neji came to his sences, he said, "He guy, look, there's Hini"

    Tayo looked over and smirked "Nice look Hini."

    Hini snapped out of her looking spree, she knew that voice anywhere! "Tayo-chan!" and she ran towards the group.

    Neji, getting a closser look at what she was wearing, blushed 10 shades of red. Tayo just smirked at the red Neji and turned.

    "Come on."

    ::End Chapter::

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    is this like some long eassy? Because that's gonna take a while to read....

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    not really. we were just VERY bored last night and went on with this. @_@;;;; lost of mistakes, but it was night time and we were sleepy. so thats the outcome.

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    i read the first half, seems good but its like 01:20 AM =_=

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    Well its nice that someone is reading it. ^_^;

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    yuugaoambu!! LIAR!!! as if you READ IT!

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    Lol. The RP/Story is slowly comin to an end. Chapter 4 is coming soon, I just gotta remember what else happened. But so far, we are just running outta ideas for this. XD;; on, we get flamed so bad. But here, I guess people like it. o.O;

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