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^^ i hope he brings us an awesome suprise next time , T^T but this chapter was so sad...like how they all dropped one by one...and then it bcame a solo...just him...on his own with no1 else for like soo long~ BROOOKE~~ XD feel so bad for him....but, if he joined the crew, which is likely (i don't think itz been totally confirmed yet) woudln't it be kinda weird...so far, every1 has had an important job and a new fighting style right? so brooke would be the musician, but, he fights with swords too, and hez not very good compared to zoro...o, and hez a pervert like sanji "May I see yo panties?" riiight? o.o would he have like another fighting style to bring in, bcuz every1 on the crew specializes in sumthi'n and is extremly strong....XD even if they're scared of everything like Ussop and Chopper!
Yeah, im also wondering what kind of fighting style does Brooke have aside form just common swordsmanship he has... Nevertheless, his devil fruit power have'nt been explained by Oda very well(sure, his devil yomi yomi... has more than just bringing him back to life)..

Sigh.. No one piece nxt wk, cant wait to see Brooke joining SH formally!!