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    Who wouldn't you mess with? Nami or Robin?

    Real mature question here:

    Who wouldn't you mess with? Nami or Robin?

    For me, I wouldn't mess with Nami. She will rob me blind in my sleep. I suppose I can get away with just a broken spine if I mess with Robin. Money comes before life!!

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    i wouldn't mess with nami either, damn clepto

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    Robin, Nami will at the most zap you with lightning if you make her angry, and then steal you blind.

    Robin however, remember the first time that u see her actually angry, she bound Yama, through him off a cliff, broke his arms legs and possibly his spine, and then smashed him into a ground.

    Yeah unavoidable power is something to be more scared of then random lightning blasts

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    I would not mess with Nami, hands down. Besides the fact that she can thunder me to death, its much easier to get Nami angry than it is to get Robin angry, so with Nami its like walking on eggshells. One wrong thing then...*pow*

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    Nami is easy to appease, just give her cash. Robin would snap my dick off from 20 yards away.

    I'd rather be struck by lightning and die than be a eunuch.

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    Robin of course. Didn't anyone read the chapter where she was trying friendly persuasing on Franky and... you know, hurt him down there?

    Nami could rob me blind for all I care. But Robin is a sadist. ;P

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    robin... i like my balls, wouldn't like to end up like franky...
    besides, don't real life girls strip your money off too? that doesn't make nami so different... except she steals it... but still, that's less scary...

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    i would not mess with robin..... the one time you see her real pissed is enis lobby, and i can live without cash, but not without a spine!

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Nami's wrath can be easily appeased by throwing some diamonds at her (or anything worth millions).

    I dare not piss my Robin-chan. Why? Those hands... those multiple hands! Imagine the "horrible things" she can do to you with all of those hands! AIIIIEEEEEEE!!! O.o
    Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god AGAIN! -Omega Rugal KOF '98

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    Robin. She could use those hands to randomly pop out and kill you. And she just looks scary when mad.

    This is Gaara. Hes a bitch; but hes my sexy bitch.

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