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    It was emotional but did we really need 2 chapters of that.....

    Sad when they all started to die 1 by 1, Id be scared if I was the only one left and everyone started to drop around me.
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    did we really need 2 chapters of that.....

    and it wasn't even 2 full chapters, big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andytheass View Post
    these last few chapters have been the biggest wast of time in my life
    Other than complaining about them on the internet, right?

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    Best chapter in manga history. Oda is the F**king man! I must honestly say I cried, the very first manga to make me cry. What!, I am not ashamed at all! To get so attached to a character and re-live his life and death was to damn emotional.Well done Oda, well done.
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    it was a good chapter. i must say that the thriller back theme as become one of my favorite emotional arc (after arabasta , arlong , and enies lobby) but i have never laugh out more than in this arc . (and arabasta , and skypea for the laugh :p).

    they're going to fishman island now > impel down. i would say .

    and i hope (lol i am the only one hoping that) that they're going to met again mr 2 (bon clay-sama) . the way he act at the end of the arabasta arc..he must be at impel down. hope if he would'nt join them . if they just can free him..(i just find is sacrifice , beautiful .. a waste..never see him again and he's also a nakama of the strawhats !)

    Travelo way :p

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    the scene where the pirates just dropped dead one by one was just so...sniff powerful and touching =3 basically think this was a great chapter. hope the flash backs have sort of ended cos i dont really like those reaaaally long flash backs =)
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    hmm seems like one piece manga will have a break next week


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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Yeah, it seems that way. Well, for something as awesome as One Piece, I can wait a week. After releasing a heart-warming episode such as this, Oda-sama deserves a break! Besides, he'll use the next following days thinking of how to surprise us even more!
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    ^^ i hope he brings us an awesome suprise next time , T^T but this chapter was so how they all dropped one by one...and then it bcame a solo...just him...on his own with no1 else for like soo long~ BROOOKE~~ XD feel so bad for him....but, if he joined the crew, which is likely (i don't think itz been totally confirmed yet) woudln't it be kinda far, every1 has had an important job and a new fighting style right? so brooke would be the musician, but, he fights with swords too, and hez not very good compared to zoro...o, and hez a pervert like sanji "May I see yo panties?" riiight? o.o would he have like another fighting style to bring in, bcuz every1 on the crew specializes in sumthi'n and is extremly strong....XD even if they're scared of everything like Ussop and Chopper!

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    This chapter make me realize that Oda-sensei can draw a touching & sad lonely scene better than Kishimoto-sensei.

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