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    I believe whatever his plan entails he need another user of the eternal MS. Thats why he's been helping Itachi and Sasuke. My opinion at least.
    And on the 1st Hokage, lets just assume Tsunade learned her youthful technique from him. I mean if we saw Tsunade in ten years as Hokage without back story we would assume there was something screwed up there. I'm not saying its true, I'm just saying it makes the story flow better without unneeded confusion.

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    I've been wondering that, too. Probably some things needed be done, I mean some conditions were recquired, like he needed a guy like Itachi, or another UMS.
    As for Tsunade, I don't recall her being shown in the manga with her grandfather. So, if I'm right, that would be the simplest of the explanations. The anime screwed up.

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    I think Madara hasn't just been sitting on his hands this whole time. But I do think that his goals now are much bigger than Konoha. If he is as powerful and immortal as Itachi says then why is he waiting for Sasuke to 'ripen'.

    I think someone started to mention this but never finished their thought. I think Madara has tried to destroy/conquer the village of Konoha 3 times. I didn't count the VOTE battle but all 4 hokages have died defending the village. We know that the 3rd died because of Orochimaru. Yodaime died sealing the Kyuubi but the first two are never talked about. I think Jiraiya is right when he said Madara summoned the kyuubi. This makes me think that he may have tried others methods before going so extreme. It was most likely Madara that killed Shodaime and Kakuzu may have been with him at this time. This explains why Kakuzu had an opportunity to fight the first then live to tell about it. I don't think it is a coincident that he ended up in Akatsuki and fought the first. I think that Madara couldn't use the Kyuubi while the first was still alive so he had to go another route, an Orochimaru type of assault. He may have even tried the same method twice being repelled both times but killing a Hokage in the process. I don't think he tried anything when Sandaime was in control but he did pull his trump card kyuubi during the early days of the 4th.

    Critique if you want, just want to state some things that were on my mind.
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    Someone in another Thread made a good point that perhaps the 1st had devoloped a jutsu to keep himself looking young like Tsunade.

    We know he could convert his chakra into a source of life that would be used to control the Mokuton ability. Maybe that source ofl ife power is what kept him young looking.

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    I don't think Madara's wait was voluntary. After the first defeated him, he must have been sealed/imprisoned somehow.

    Since the First defeated but didn't kill Madara, he must have imprisoned him instead. Or Madara could have trapped himself somewhere while trying to escape from the First.

    I suspect that Madara was trapped this way until someone came along and freed him. That person was probably PEIN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Someone in another Thread made a good point that perhaps the 1st had devoloped a jutsu to keep himself looking young like Tsunade.

    We know he could convert his chakra into a source of life that would be used to control the Mokuton ability. Maybe that source ofl ife power is what kept him young looking.
    Tsunades technique is none other than the Henge no Jutsu. She uses it to change her appearance into a young woman
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    he had to find a host after his old body rotted

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    does Tsunade really using henge no jutsu?! as far as i can remember, I think it was Jraiya who said that she is the most skilled medic ninja and uses that ability to make herself look young (in her early20's).... in other words what Tsunade is doing is no different in modern technology called plastic surgery.....

    as for the 1st Hokage, yeah maybe he's stocking up chakra (like the way Tsunade stock up her chakra through the diamond on her forehead) and by that it makes him look like in his 30's (well, he doest look like in his 20's if you ask me).....

    as for why madara waited so long, well if you ask me (this is just my opinion, ok) If that Madara really is the real Madara (since birth) probably after being defeated by 1st, he was probably injured so much that it took so much time, same for his recovery and chakra recovery. IF that Madara is already a replica (like that is already a another body), maybe it took him a lot of time for him to reach the high level for both techniques and chakra level....

    and of course that led to Kyuubi's summoning, he summoned the Kyuubi to check if his skills, chakra, etc has fully recovered.... But, it was ruined since Minato defeated and sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto, by doing that Minato believe that there's no possible way the Kyuubi can ever be used again in evil purposes and is also can never harm anyone else... He believe that Naruto will inherit the will of Konoha and also PROBABLY believe that if its Naruto who will tamed the Kyuubi, he will used it in a wise way....

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    think he's waited so long because it took him this long to form akatsuki....
    he's failed alone with the 1st, he's failed with the kyubi against minato
    so maybe he wants all badies behind him this time.........

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