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    OMG OMG OMG Summon Voltron, you would all die from the awesome-ness that they would exude, I might be in trouble too from just summoning them.

    But in honesty I would like to be able to run really fast and not get tired orrrrr fly somehow. I just want some kind of transportation no jutsu lol, hate traffic and I like to leave at the last minute anyways so being able to teleport no jutsu my butt to another place would be win
    A pie in the sky?

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    I would use a SHUT THE FUCK UP NO JUTSTU! That one is actually a bloodline limit, my father taught it to me when I was 3. It uses a earth and water elemental manipulation. Your fist become hard like that earth to knock your opponent unconscious then you use water, usually from tap, to wake the person up before child services gets to your house. Wait is that CHILD ABUSE NO JUTSU? No, it isn't as long as you yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP" at least twice before hitting the person. Sorry I have a problem with my memory, grew up under the power lines.

    But if we're talking seriously then I would want to be the "Brown Flash"
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    Byakugan would be awesome. I bet old Jaraiya wished he had the blood line limit often. I mean if you can see through a rock, you can see through a skirt.

    If all the jutsu Shadow clone would be awesome. I could sit at home and do whatever while my clone goes to school and work. Plus it's not for nothing like a real world clone. Was he disappears I have all the school knowledge and work memories. Perfect Jutsu.

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