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    One Piece

    Paulie - all those shigans and further injuries.
    Pell too true.
    Everybody's mentioning Wiper( because of previous injuries and using the reject dial so many times.) and i would agree but adding to him with the very nearly anyone WEAK who got hit by lightning, excluding Zolo cause he's tough. But the SkyKnight should have definetily died from lightning strikes on his metal armor even if he had insulation. And Robin
    Oh hell yeah Conis's father should have died.
    Nami- her suicidal stabs in the arm whenever she lost hope against Arlong.
    Zolo - All the times Luffy has "switched" with him or pulled him somewhere into walls and the ship. don't know how he possibly haven't died., not to mention getting lost and never making it anywhere going in circles and dieing of old age never having fought most people.
    Usopp - The amount of times he got dropped or bumped or electrocuted, or thrown or bombed or scarred by Jyabura (Franky, Franky family), basically in the Enies Lobby and Water 7 arcs alone. Even though he was wearing one giant bandage, think of the reason he was wearing that giant bandage.
    Definetily Lucci (obviously), Croc (punched upwards through solid bedrock, multiple times) ,Kumadori (long haired overdramatic CP9 who got seemed like he got killed by Monster Point Chopper), oh and the Spand - bum
    Oh I think Bellamy should have lived so that Luffy could have constantly been given the opportunity to pwn Bellamy if he was like just feeling in a bad mood.

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    I know that to some this wont count but the Merry Go did die didnt it? i mean we saw its spirit talking to them while it was burning.

    as for who deserves death Spandam and Arlong after everything they put Nami,Franky and Robin through.

    Crocodile for making Vivi suffer like that. wich reminds me didn't those Royal guards did die after drinking that lethal water?
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    i really wished wapol died, somehow i hated him. he was plain annoying.

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    Spandam............. enough said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eep View Post
    people who should be dead:

    The guy sanji fought early in the episodes who got hit by Don Krieg's poison
    That was Gin I think, and if I remember it correctly Gin said it himself that he won't last very long after exhaling the poision, so my guess would be that he died in the end, just never been shown directly by Oda...

    Anyway, I love to see Spandam die, he's freaking annoying...

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    Zoro, seriously, that guy should be dead 10 times over. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a god.

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    Kuma he's not exactly human, and 4 px will be destroyed too :p

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    Crocodile should have died and CP9.

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    I don't think Crocodile should have died. CP9 I thought for sure had died, especially Kalifa, Kaku, Fukurou, and Jyabura who were all still inside the Central Tower went it was bombarded and fell into the giant whole in the ocean. But I'm kinda glad they're still alive because it could make for a great villian comeback...although I don't think that's going to happen.

    I think Mr. 3 should have died though. Being sucked dry of water, and thrown to Bananadiles, I thought for sure he'd be dead. Also...Igaram and Pell. Igaram was on a boat that completely exploded in a huge fireball...>.> and even though I liked Pell, he took a bomb to the balls that would have destroyed a 5km radius city...he really should be dead.

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    Pell and Spandam

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